Windows 11 reaches more PCs: Microsoft continues to push the update

The Redmond giant has expanded the availability of Windows 11 through the update model, that is, under Windows Update, limiting itself, of course, to those devices that meet the minimum requirements.

This movement is important, since it represents a step forward in the official deployment of Windows 11 through the well-known Windows Update platform, but we must be clear about what it implies, and why Microsoft takes that gradual rollout approach instead of releasing the update automatically for all computers that meet the minimum requirements.

In this sense, we must distinguish two keys, the first is that Microsoft only releases the update and makes it appear to us as available if our equipment meets the minimum requirements, and if you’ve had a chance to test Windows 11 in a similar setup with different types of users, something that usually occurs on the Insider channel.

On the other hand, it must be remembered that making a gradual deployment allows Microsoft to safely control the appearance of problems, bugs and errors, and minimize the impact that these may have on users. It is very easy to understand, imagine what would happen if Windows 11 were released en masse to all users and, suddenly, a serious fault is discovered that had gone unnoticed.

The deployment of Windows 11 continues to bet on artificial intelligence

This has been confirmed by Microsoft. The company has said that the availability of Windows 11 is being based on its artificial intelligence system, which helps you determine which computers are ready to upgrade safely to that operating system. The giant fully trusts this technology, but we already know, from what has happened on previous occasions, that it is not perfect, and that it can be wrong.

If you meet the minimum requirements, but you see that the option to update to Windows 11 through Windows Update is not available, do not worry, Microsoft continues to make a gradual deployment, and already confirmed at the time that it is likely that not complete until 2022. This means that it will maintain that gradual availability model, and that Windows 11 will not be available, generally through Windows Update, until the first quarter of 2022.

I wanted to emphasize that we refer to availability through Windows Update because, as our regular readers already know, Windows 11 has been available globally since October 5. If we want to force the update we can do it, and we can also do a clean installation from scratch. However, I recommend that you wait for it to appear available as an update, since it will be an almost total guarantee of compatibility, and stability, with the components of your equipment.

Before finishing I remind you of the information we published yesterday about the Windows 11 market share. This operating system is having a slower adoption rate than Windows 11, despite the fact that Microsoft has maintained the model of free update from Windows 10, and also from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, although in the latter case we have to perform a clean installation of it and enter our license manually.

We will see how the situation evolves in the coming months, but everything seems to indicate that Windows 11 would not be able to repeat the rate of adoption that Windows 10 obtained in its first year of life. In this sense, I think The main “culprit” has been Microsoft itself for the chaos it generated, at the time, with the issue of minimum requirements Windows 11, compatibility and support, as this in the end sowed significant doubts among users.

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