Windows 11: this is why the number of widgets will greatly increase

Microsoft will soon offer developers the ability to create widgets for Windows 11, information revealed on Twitter. These will be distributed by Microsoft via the application store integrated into the operating system. Windows 11 compatibility with third-party widgets will logically arrive with a future update. It remains to be seen which one.

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Widgets are one of the big new features of the Windows 11 interface. We introduced them to you late last year, when they were included in an update to the operating system aimed at Insiders. They have since been accessible to everyone. In particular, they allowquickly access certain practical information without having to open specific software: the weather for the day, the latest news, the evolution of a stock market price, your next appointment in the diary, etc.

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Widgets are very practical tools that have already proven themselves on macOS and Android, not to mention the iPhones which adopted them in 2019, with iOS 13. But it is only recently that they have really proven their effectiveness. First, because they could be installed throughout the interface of the operating system. Then because Apple allowed developers to create their own widgets. And it looks like Microsoft has plans to give Windows 11 widgets the same utility as well.

Developers will be able to create widgets for Windows 11

A development studio called FireCube has indeed posted on Twitter several information about widgets. First information: third-party developers will be able to create their achievements for Windows 11. You will therefore no longer be limited to Microsoft widgets, which will necessarily multiply their usefulness and adaptability. Of course, security issues will arise with respect to personal data. Flaws will certainly be discovered by Microsoft or its security partners… if not by hackers.

Second piece of information, Microsoft will distribute the widgets through its application store integrated into Windows 11, certainly to test the creations of developers at the functional level and at the security level. The opposite would have been surprising, of course. But, unlike macOS, software distribution under Windows still remains largely external to the Microsoft Store. To get developers to accept the firm as an intermediary, it will promise marketing tools to bring visibility. There is no date announced yet for Windows 11 compatibility with third-party widgets. But it shouldn’t take long.

Source: Twitter

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