Windows Defender: Soon you will be able to control your PC’s security on Android and iOS

Microsoft Defender, the companion utility to Windows Defender, will also be available on Android, iOS and macOS. Nicknamed Project Gibraltar, the latter will function as a hub giving access to the security parameters of all its devices. No launch date has been announced, but a leak indicates that it won’t be long before.

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We can never say it enough Windows Defender is a more than correct solution to defend against security risks. In addition to being completely free, the antivirus is regularly updated to improve its protection. Its only flaw is, ultimately, to be only available on Windows and Android, thanks to the launch of the application in 2020 on the Play Store.

And Microsoft does not intend to stop there. Last November, we presented the Gibraltar project, which will revolutionize the way Windows Defender works. The application, called Microsoft Defender, will act as a dashboard allowing you to control the security settings of your PC and all connected devices from the user’s account.

Microsoft Defender will also be available on Android and iOS

Today, a leak reveals a little more about the project. First good news: Microsoft Defender will be completely free, although the reverse would have been surprising. Second good news, this time more interesting: the application will be available on all devices and operating systems. “Microsoft Defender is a security application that gives you peace of mind”, writes Microsoft.

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“With our personalized dashboard, you can see the security posture of your Windows device and other connected devices (Mac, iOS and Android) in one place.”. We also learn that this is a brand new application, which will in no way replace Windows Defender on PC. This version will also use web components.

From Microsoft Defender, it will be possible to gmanage the antivirus settings, run a scan, check the integrity of your passwords or even customize the settings according to the user. For now, no launch date has been confirmed. Nonetheless, this leak seems to indicate that this one is coming soon.

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