With this change you add noise to a sound file in Audacity

In the event that we have the need to work in some way with our audio files, there are many applications available. But if we are looking for a powerful, reliable alternative that does not cost us a single euro, one of the most attractive proposals is known as Audacity.

In this case we find an interesting open source project that has been with us for a good number of years and has not stopped improving. Thanks to the periodic updates that come to this application, the multiple functions that it makes available to us continue to improve and adapt to the times. Those of you who have already used this tool on occasion, surely you know what we mean.

Access many of Audacity’s features

Once we put the program into operation and load the files with which we are going to work, the graphics corresponding to them will automatically appear on the screen. That’s what the visual aspect of Audacity, but it is not the most striking thing we are going to find. And it is that the program as such presents us with a good number of functions, all of them related to the audio editing sector. Perhaps the most interesting thing that we can mention here is that this is a program designed for both professionals and home users.

In general terms, we will only have to select the function we want to carry out, configure some parameters, and execute it on the loaded file. It must be said that most of these are going to be found in the main interface of the program. That is why we recommend you take a look at everything that we are going to find in the menu option called Effect. But in this specific case we want to focus on a specific official who will surely be very useful in many cases.

It is that those who create their own music compositions, sometimes need to generate noise in a sound file and make it part of their audio project. Well, what at first might seem like a somewhat complex task, is especially simple if we do it with this application.

Generate noise in a sound file

The benefits of this can be many, and also if we take into account the configuration options available here, the range of possibilities opens up. In the beginning all we have to do is load the sound file we want to work on. Next, we place the cursor at the exact moment we want to add the noise in question.

We have already mentioned previously that many of the functions available in this program can be found in the Effect menu, but in this case we will opt for Generate. In it we are going to find a multitude of sections that we can add to our audio track, so we only have to select the Noise option.

From that moment on we will have nothing but configure parameters that are made available to us. By this we mean that we can indicate to the program the duration of the noise, its type, or amplitude. What we recommend is to try with various settings of these same parameters in order to obtain the results and the desired noise.

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