With this free program you will increase the security of your Windows and avoid hacking

Maintaining the security of the systems we use is essential so that they do not steal passwords, data or have problems using applications. There are many computer attacks that we can suffer and this means that we must take certain precautions. Therefore, in this article we talk about a simple tool with which you can enhance security in Windows. It’s open source, you can get it on GitHub, and it helps you harden the system to prevent attacks.

Hackers can take advantage of bugs and weaknesses that exist in equipment. For example, there could be a security flaw in the operating system, usually because it is not up to date. That can create a vulnerability for cybercriminals to exploit.

Increase Windows protection

It does not mean that Windows is an insecure operating system. In fact, it has a built-in antivirus, Microsoft Defender, which all reports indicate is one of the best. However, it is always possible to improve that security and enhance it to further prevent computer attacks.

This tool is known as HardenWindows Security and you can download it from GitHub. It is totally free, open source and easy to use. You just have to follow the instructions they indicate. When you download the folder, you will see a file with information and everything you need to run the script.

The objective, as you can see in the information they put on their page, is none other than increase security Windows. They indicate that they only use tools and functions that Microsoft has previously implemented in Windows and thus achieve maximum protection. It is always kept up to date, with all the latest security measures.

All links and sources come from Microsoft official sites. It is always important to download applications and use services that are legitimate, so it is convenient to use official pages and not have problems of any kind. It is divided into different categories, to enhance the security of tools such as Windows firewall, antivirus, system Kernel, etc. In the GitHub information you will be able to find all this. The requirement to work is that you have the latest version of Windows 11 installed.

Properly protect the system

It is key to have the system perfectly protected, be it Windows or any other you use. It’s good to have a guarantees antivirus and use additional tools that also help that security, such as browser extensions, a firewall, etc.

But you should keep in mind other tips that are equally important. One of them is to keep common sense and not make mistakes. This is key so that hackers do not have facilities and can steal your passwords. For example, you should never click on links that come to you in the mail and may be dangerous. Also do not download applications from unofficial sites.

Another essential point is keep everything updated. This will correct bugs that may exist, in addition to granting additional features that can be used to avoid problems of any kind. Never leave an outdated program, especially ones that connect to the Internet.

As you can see, with this tool you can enhance the security of Windows. Beyond Microsoft Defender, you can use other tools and settings to prevent hacking and privacy issues.

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