With this Xiaomi water purifier you will prepare hot and cold drinks

MIJIA Desktop Water Purifier

With a very typical Xiaomi design, this mijia water purifier It presents some very striking features, since in addition to cleaning the water that we put into its tank, it will also be able to heat it in just 3 seconds so that you can prepare hot drinks such as coffee or tea. Thanks to its front screen, it is possible to select the temperature to which we want the water to be heated, and can also use the official MIJIA application.

The water tank has a total capacity of 4.4 liters, although there is a secondary tank of 1.8 liters where residual water will end up in the filtering process. This filtration process makes use of disposable filters that promise a long duration. Like other solutions, a 6-layer osmosis system is responsible for cleaning the water of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other materials that could be present in the water.

In addition, an ultraviolet light is responsible for eliminating the presence of bacteria in a 99.99%so the purification process is quite exhaustive.

An appliance that you can place wherever you want

Xiaomi MIJIA Water Purifier

Of course, this model does not have a water inlet, so you will have to fill the tank every time you consume the water inside. There are models that have a water inlet to avoid having to constantly fill the tank, and although they achieve greater integration, you need a hole in the lower part of the sink.

This solution, however, is more practical, since you can install it anywhere and it only needs a plug to work correctly. The reverse osmosis filters are easily replaceableand although they last a long time, you should also take into account that you will have to change it over time.

Can it be bought in Spain?

The product at the moment is maintaining the typical distribution line of Xiaomi’s new products. First of all, it appears as an experimental product on the YouPin platform, and as it gains popularity and funding with reservations, it jumps to the market in China. It currently has an official price of 245 euros to change.

Whether it reaches other countries is a matter of Xiaomi’s evaluations, although in this case it may be quite difficult to see it in our market. Of course, nobody will prevent you from getting one of these in stores like AliExpress or other Asian distributors, so you just have to be attentive and be willing to pay a little more. We imagine that in this case the price could reach 300 euros, to which you would have to add the replacement filters.

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