Without new graphics cards from NVIDIA until 2023, what happened?

We have been talking for months Ada Lovelacewhich will be the next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards. Its launch was supposed to take place around the month of October of this year, and yet it seems that we are going to have to wait even longer to buy one of the new RTX 40 Series of the brand because its launch could be delayed… because of NVIDIA itself.

And it is that at this point, there have been a host of circumstances that could lead the GPU giant to make the decision to delay the launch of its new generation of graphics, including the fact that at this time the market has suffered almost a flood of second-hand current-gen RTX 30 Series graphics cards.

Do the RTX 30 cannibalize the new NVIDIA graphics?

If you are a fan of hardware and have been following the news that has been reaching us in recent weeks and even months, you will have seen that the PC mining bubble has suffered a great explosion (known as the «crypto crash«); the rise in the price of electricity coupled with the fact that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and the ethereum have lowered their price has caused mining is no longer profitableso there are not a few miners who have decided to abandon this practice and put their hardware up for sale.

For this reason, the market for second-hand graphics cards is experiencing an unexpected boom, and we have gone from a situation where there were no graphics cards available for gamers (and the few that were had almost prohibitive prices) to the current one, with the second hand market is really full of different models (and for that matter, both from AMD and NVIDIA) coming mostly from mining rigs (and a bad part is that most of them sell the graphics without saying that they have been used 24×7 to mine, with what that entails).

The fact is that at the moment there are a lot of NVIDIA RTX 30 Series graphics cards on the second-hand market, now they are selling at decent and relatively affordable prices, something that is generating a lot of movement (users who buy these graphics cards to change the above). Aware of this, NVIDIA has realized that this would cause users to lose interest in changing their graphics card again, of course (if you just bought a second-hand RTX 30 Series, you will hardly be interested in buying an RTX 40 Series in October).

NVIDIA must “do homework” with Ada Lovelace

Actually, this situation that could lead to the delay in the launch of Ada Lovelace, the next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards, could have been avoided if the manufacturer had done things right when the RTX 30 Series hit the market. As you know, NVIDIA practically “blew smoke” on the market, since the launch occurred with hardly any stock on the market, resulting in very few users who were able to buy this generation of new graphics. In addition, as you know, the new GPUs came to stores in drops and at really abusive prices.

nvidia rtx 3060 ti

So that the same thing does not happen to Ada Lovelace, NVIDIA should have the lesson learned and that when it launches its new generation of graphics, there should be no stock problem in any of the models so that all users can buy the products they want , and at the corresponding prices. In fact, delaying the launch from October to the end of the year could serve, at least in part, for the manufacturer to stock up and thus avoid these problems, so in the end it could be good news in the last instance.

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