Woman earns millions after suing her birth doctor who caused her to have a “misconception”

Evie Toombes won one historical demand against him your mom’s doctor, after he did not advise her to follow recommendations to have a healthy baby, since Evie suffers from a disease called spina bifida. The outcome of the trial made her a millionaire by winning the case in the UK.

Evie is 20 years old and a star as a show jumping rider; However, her health condition sometimes leads her to have to be connected in bed for 24 hours of the day.

The young woman had them take the doctor Philip mitchell on trial for do not advise his mother Caroline what to drink vital supplements before she got pregnant.

During the trial, Toombes alleged that if the doctor had told her mother the importance of taking folic acid, they would have helped her reduce the risks of developing spina bifida, which may have caused Evie not to be born because surely her Mom would have postponed her pregnancy.

Evie makes millions after her lawsuit

When analyzing the case, the Judge Rosalind coe of the High Court of London, supported Evie’s arguments and granted her the right to a huge compensation payment after the lawsuit for “Misconception.”

Although the amount of the payment was not disclosed, the Court assured that it is a large amount that would cover the cost of the extensive needs of lifetime care which Evie must submit to.

“He was not informed about the relationship between folic acid supplementation and prevention of spina bifida. Had they provided you with the correct recommended tips, you would have delayed your attempts to conceive. Therefore, I consider that the claim of the claimant is successful in terms of responsibility ”, was the decision of the Judge.

Evie is a rider who competes so much with other riders with different abilities and with whom she has no problems. The resolution was based on the fact that the doctor never suggested that Caroline take the necessary supplements to carry out her plan to have a child that resulted in a terrible disease.

With information from The Sun and NY Post.


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