Woman infected with Covid-19 was in a coma and thus was able to give birth to her daughter

Saskia lane She is a young mother who at 21 years of age was able to give birth to her baby while i was in a induced coma after being hit with the Covid-19 virus. The woman had been hospitalized since August and remained in the intensive care unit.

The woman who spent almost three months in intensive therapy she underwent surgery at the Princess Royal West Sussex Hospital in the UK. Mom had to undergo a emergency cesarean section in your eighth month of pregnancy while they induced a coma to avoid risks to both herself and her baby.

His daughter Betsy Mae Blackman managed to survivebut his mother he was in a coma after labor.

Saskia’s mother, Becky Knight reported that her daughter was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during your pregnancy, further noted that Saskia decided not to get vaccinated initially against him coronavirus as you thought your baby could take a big hit from getting the dose.

“I encouraged her to get vaccinated but, unfortunately, she received her first puncture a few days before contracting Covid, so it was not effective,” said the grandmother.

Becky Knight explained that her daughter began to feel exhausted gradually until he had trouble breathing. On her third visit to the emergency room at the hospital, she was admitted to the intensive care area.

The mother with Covid-19 receives good news

After giving birth to baby Betsy Mae Blackman, Saskia remained in a coma until she 30 days later he regained consciousness and for the first time she saw and held her newborn daughter in her arms.

Upon awakening, Saskia was received in addition to her baby by her partner and the girl’s father, Lee Blackman 23 years old.

After her ordeal, Saskia encourages other pregnant women to get vaccinated against Covid-19, after she rejected it at first without imagining that due to her age and health condition she would be “immune” to the virus that hit the world.

With information from The Mirror.


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