Would you accept a slow but totally free internet connection?

To hire Internet, we can find many different rates. There are faster ones, with options such as including free or mobile calls, as well as other features. But a key factor, at least for most, is the price. Here comes the question that we echo: would you accept have slow internet but not pay anything for it? A basic connection, for the minimum, without having to pay any fee to be able to connect to the network.

If you enter the website of any Internet operator, it is normal for you to see different rates. The faster it is, the higher the fee. There are users who will want to pay more to have greater speed and others will suffice with the minimum fee. But what if there was an even slower and free rate?

slow internet without paying

This hypothetical question is raised by Make Use Of. They ask whether the users, at least a significant part, would agree to have free internet at home in exchange for a very reduced speed. Basically, having Internet to read mail, open web pages and any action that does not require a good connection.

If we look back, 15 or 20 years ago, the Internet that reached our homes was very, very limited. But of course, at that time there was no Netflix, nor platforms like YouTube, nor did you have to upload very large files to the cloud. That, now, has changed a lot. Have a good speed Upload is as important as download, which is why most rates are already symmetrical.

What they propose is to accept having a speed of this type, like the one we had many years ago, in exchange for not paying anything. A very basic connection, for the least you can do on the Internet. Logically, you would have to forget about watching series on Netflix in high quality, making video calls without interruptions or even playing online.

Keep in mind that a very slow Internet today would have been considered super fast 20 years ago. But of course, as we say, the situation has changed and now we make a different use of the network. The web pages of two decades ago have nothing to do with those of now. Neither do the applications to communicate.

We depend a lot on the Internet

The truth is that we depend more than we can imagine on having a good Internet connection. But if we talk about essential, the most basic of our day to day, we really do not need a super fast connection. We are talking, for example, about using WhatsApp, making a payment, opening an email or visiting a website.

Perhaps for someone who simply uses the Internet for what we mentioned, it is enough to have a minimal connection and they would accept this in exchange for it being free. In fact, we can say that something like this already exists with some mobile rates. They offer certain data and once it runs out, they limit it to a very low speed. Even the Internet during flights is usually like this.

And you, would you agree to have a minimum Internet rate, simply to surf the net and use WhatsApp, in exchange for it being free? Would you accept it only for home or mobile Internet? We read you in the comments.

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