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Being Apple lovers, nothing excites us more than the WWDC23 announcement its date, news and all the details of this great event. This post will be completely dedicated to the information surrounding this unique Apple event that has undoubtedly been one of the most anticipated since its inception.

Are you ready for what Apple has up its sleeve? read on for discover the most relevant of this Worldwide Developers Conference.

Apple WWDC23

The news has been given on March 30, 2023, with a statement and an image that has generated much speculation. Those colored arches for many allude to diversity that Apple expects to implement in its new projects. They also say that it could mean that Apple is considering new colors for its equipment.

There is no doubt that we are all waiting for what this event will be like. But all this will remain in expectations until the event occurs, because Apple has its secrets very well kept. Let’s go right now to find out the details that have been revealed!

WWDC23 date

Of course, the first thing that was noted in Apple’s statement was the date of the event. June will be the month that will be decorated with this conference. It will be 4 days of exhibition, from June 5 to 9 specifically. It is necessary to emphasize the fact that the invitation to the conference has been made virtually, so most of the attendees will do so online. Few are invited to appear at the event and the majority are developers already known to the company.

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It should be noted that within the statement it is made known that this Developers Conference will be iconic and that many topics will be discussed in order to change the future of the company. For the new engineers, who surely must be desperate for the day to come; the promise is the presentation of great innovations that may give way to the development of new projects for Apple.

What can be enjoyed in online programming?

Apple has offered students to attend the inaugural event on June 5, but the real learning opportunity will be in online programming. This year the conference will be divided into presentations, laboratories and forums, where the main exponents will be the Apple principal engineers. In addition, for the students of the Swift Student Challenge project, a call has been opened to develop a Playground that may be awarded at the end of the event.

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What are the software expectations at WWDC23?

For more than 10 years, Apple has been characterized by unique and incredible software, capable of doing wonders with the hardware of its devices. This is why at WWDC23 it is expected that several new software will be launched. Let’s start talking about iOS 17, of which there are not many expectations, since it has been rumored that it will only correct some errors in iOS 16.5. But, we could stay quite short, because the company hopes to make history with this conference.

apple devices

We continue with iPad OS 17, which is expected to be much more similar to iOS and new Widgets and useful tools to improve the use of this iconic tablet. The operating systems of the mac computers, the apple watch and the smart televisions of the brand They are also waiting for news.

Is the presentation of new equipment expected?

WWDC23 is so full of expectations, it is because of the hardware presentation that is expected. Apple usually launches second-line devices like the iPhone SE at this event. But, this year, there are many predictions for the launch of a new version of the MacBook Airwhere a much lighter model is expected, but with better software.

apple pencil

In turn, the MacBook Pro is expected to be upgraded with an M2 chip that will undoubtedly make this laptop the best performance computer. This is only what analysts believe, so let’s remember that Apple does not confirm or deny any rumors until the day of the event.

According to the above, the most acclaimed team of this Developers Conference, are Apple’s virtual reality glasses. A rumor that has taken a lot of strength, because the appearance of the Metaverse has inspired many fans of the brand to believe that Apple will take the lead in this new virtual world. Known to the public as Apple Reality, these glasses could change the perception of virtual reality that exists today.

Stay with us and stay updated!

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From Soy de Mac we extend an invitation to all our readers to follow the event closely through our posts and updates. we’ll take care of collect all relevant information about the development of the event and the confirmation of the releases that we most expect.

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