Xbox Series X could offer lower quality graphics modes to reduce consumption

The energy consumption of technology has become one of the great concerns of consumers, in fact a few days ago our readers made it clear that they give priority to efficiency over gross power. Microsoft is aware of this reality, and that is why it is considering the possibility of implementing new Low power graphics modes on Xbox Series X.

The information comes from an official source, specifically from a survey conducted on the Xbox Insider channel, where users were asked if they are concerned about electricity bills, and if they would be willing to reduce the graphic quality offered by their consoles to lower electricity consumption. Obviously it would be necessary to assume a series of important sacrifices that, in theory, would focus on:

  • Use a lower resolution. In the case of Xbox Series X we would be talking about going down to 1440p or 1080p.
  • Reduce the frame rate per second. In this case we would move in values ​​of 30 or 40 FPS, and not in 60 FPS+.
  • Lower the level of graphic quality and disable settings that are very demanding, such as ray tracing.

Although nothing is confirmed yet, this survey fits perfectly into the “green” strategy of the Redmond giant, which has been working for some time to reduce the environmental impact of its activity and to become a “green” company.

The introduction of those lower quality graphics modes to reduce the consumption of Xbox Series X should not be something complicated for Microsoft, although everything will depend on how it is implemented and what sacrifices are involvedsince in the end they could require a Additional collaboration from developers. Considering that some are “fatigued” with the effort that goes into developing for Xbox Series S, I think that the introduction of low power modes that give them extra work could generate some pretty deep complaints.

I must say that, personally, this idea seems quite right to me, and I think it would be a success on Microsoft’s part, although I don’t think it will be easy to fully implement it on Xbox Series X (it could also reach Xbox Series S) for what it would imply at the development level, unless it is limited to reducing the resolution of the games. I also find it curious, since it would blur the already thin line that separates consoles from PC a little more. And to you, do you think it’s a good idea?

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