You can no longer trust Windows antivirus, this new ruling makes it clear

We have already spoken to you on many occasions about the almost mandatory nature of having an antivirus installed on our computer. The Microsoft system by default offers us a pre-installed solution that is accepted by many users, we refer to Windows Defenderbut its failures keep appearing.

There are many security solutions that we can use today to protect the data stored on our computer. In addition, we must bear in mind that most of the equipment at this moment is connected to Internet. Hence precisely the need to keep an antivirus active and watching on our computer in order to increase our security at all times.

Microsoft is fully aware of all this, which is why it proposes a solution that is already included in its own operating system and that we can start using from the first moment. In fact, we can affirm that Windows Defender is software with these characteristics that has not stopped improving over the years. This has already been taken care of by the giant of the software based on new functions, both internal and external.

But it is also true that on certain occasions we find ourselves in unwanted situations with this antivirus. We tell you all this because, as we have been able to verify other times in the past, Windows Defender suddenly begins to show unwanted behaviors. Specifically, we refer to the fact that on certain occasions Defender flag legitimate files or URLs as malicious files or links for no apparent reason.

In fact, right now we are facing one of these incomprehensible situations that even Microsoft has already admitted. Specifically, the software giant has just confirmed that its antivirus is having this type of problem at the moment.

Windows Defender now crashes more than ever

As a result, system administrators will receive a high volume of security false positives by email. The company has announced the ruling through its Twitter account and has provided some additional details about it. The current problem with false positives has been dubbed DZ534539 in the Microsoft 365 Administration Center. What’s more, the current bug is spreading and commenting on many forums and websites on the Internet due to its wide propagation.

Among the most common complaints being posted and discussed, many administrators report that they are receiving a large number of high severity alert emails. At this point we must bear in mind that these highly serious messages to which we refer must be taken into consideration. In this specific case, they mean that Windows Defender has detected a click on a potentially malicious URL.

The worst thing about this, aside from being a false positive, is that administrators may not be able to see the alert details from the link View alerts. This usually appears in the received email messages themselves. Despite all this, at this time Microsoft, once the bug has been confirmed, also communicates that it is working on the solution. Specifically, it lets its users know that they are reviewing the monitoring telemetry of these security services. All this in order to isolate the root cause and develop a correction plan as soon as possible.

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