You can now download Instagram Reels in an easy, simple and official way

Instagram continues to take important steps forced basically by the gigantic growth of TikTok. And if the dance social network offers a lot of freedom when it comes to sharing the content generated there, it seems that Instagram is finally taking notice. and yes, already reels can be downloaded from other users (but with conditions).

Download Instagram Reels

Download Instagram Reel

Since Instagram introduced Reels, the network has gained in interactions, since the medium-length vertical video format attracts much more than simple photos in 1:1 format (as much as it hurts some). It is from there that memes and virals are reproduced non-stop, so it is quite common for a user to want to share in a thousand ways a Reel that seemed especially original to them, hence why they want to download it. But it can?

Until now, the only options available when sharing a Reel are to send it as a direct message to one of your Instagram contacts, add it to a story, share it through other applications or obtain a direct link to the Reel in question.

But if there is an option that many missed, it was power download the video to store it in your phone memory. Are you one of those who prefers to collect videos to watch them quietly at another time? You’re lucky.

Available, but not worldwide

Download Instagram Reel

The company has announced that it is incorporating a new “Download” button in the Reel sharing option, so that users will be able to save a copy of the video in their personal folder to never lose it again.

The detail to take into account is that for now the function is only available in the United Statesand it won’t hit other markets until later, so we imagine it will be a progressive release that we don’t know exactly how long it will last.

Not all videos can be downloaded

The problem with downloading videos is that the content can multiply massively, and for this reason, Instagram has wanted to apply a series of restrictions to avoid problems.

On one hand, the private accounts They will have the download function blocked, so that those accounts that follow them can see their Reels, but not download them, since the content would be available beyond the closed profile.

In addition, accounts with public profiles can also block the download option by selecting the option in their account settings, so it will always be in your power to allow the download of that video recipe that you have recently published.

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