You have these devices at home and they are stealing your passwords without you knowing it

Although the mobile and the computer are the devices that we can call main, you can really enter your accounts from many others. Some of you may not even know what you have and what you can use to enter social networks, email or even make an online purchase.

Devices that expose keys

It is essential to create guarantee passwords that are completely random and unique. But it is also important to use guaranteed devices, official and reliable programs, as well as having everything well protected. All this will help you avoid unwanted intrusions and problems that affect your privacy.

outdated television

The first device that we can name is a television that you have without updating. This is more common than it may seem. The Smart TV They allow us to connect to the Internet and even install applications. You may at some point sign in to your Netflix account or any other supported platform.

What happens if there is a vulnerability in that TV? A hacker could exploit that flaw and eventually steal your password. In the case of televisions, it is more frequent that we have them without updating compared to a mobile or a PC. You may not use it frequently to browse the Internet and you may have it obsolete without knowing it.

Tablets and old mobiles

Although we take old tablets and mobile phones as an example, it can really happen with any other device that you have For example, it could also happen with an electronic book that you have had for many years and at a given moment you enter your Amazon account to buy a book online.

Just like with television, all of these older devices could have vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals could take advantage of it to launch attacks and steal your passwords without your realizing it.

computer you use sometimes

It is possible that you have a computer at home that you use from time to time, even if it is simply to create backup copies. This makes it more likely that you will have it. no update. It is a major problem, without a doubt. You might even still have old operating systems, such as Windows XP or Windows 7.

As in the previous cases, any unpatched vulnerability can lead to an attacker exploiting it and stealing your passwords. As long as those devices are connected to the Internet, and it is necessary for you to log in to social networks or email, they are potentially “hackable.”

home automation devices

But it is not necessary to go to old devices and that you have not used them for years. Perhaps you have home automation devices at home, such as surveillance cameras, light bulbs, plugs, smart speakers… In some cases, you will be able to log in to certain platforms and you will have to enter your password.

These devices are sometimes a safety hazard. They are because of the fact that they may have vulnerabilities that are never fixed. It happens with low-end devices, especially. They do not invest in security and the fact that new models are constantly emerging causes manufacturers to stop paying attention to those that have a little more time. If in doubt, you can use Have I Been Pwned to review your leaked keys.

Therefore, as you have seen, there are different types of devices that you may be using at home and with which they could steal your passwords. It is essential that you take measures and protect yourself correctly. Do not make any mistake as they could access your social networks, email and any other platform.

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