You think these emails are safe, but they are actually dangerous

Receiving an email is something common and that is part of our day to day. In fact, it is very likely that they send you several daily. Now, are they all safe? The truth is that they could be dangerous, at least in part. The problem comes when you think that a e-mail it is reliable, but in reality it is a trap. We are going to tell you which ones you think are safe and in reality are not, so you can take action and avoid problems.

Through a fake mail They could steal your personal data, sneak in some malware, or take you to sites that are dangerous. It is a method widely used by hackers and you should always be prepared to avoid falling for this type of deception and protect accounts and devices.

emails that are not secure

There are times when we receive an e-mail and we clearly see that it is insecure. We can see that the message is strange, with wrong translations, badly placed images, files that could clearly be malware. However, on other occasions we may receive an email that seems perfectly legitimate and there we may have problems.

verified brand

This is something that we can already find on some platforms, such as Gmail. It is similar to what we can see on social networks, where a little symbol showing that that account has been verified. Although it is an interesting and very positive measure for security, it may have gaps.

The problem is that hackers can take advantage of this to scam. They may find a way to make believe that that email account is really verified and trustworthy, but it really is not and they will have the opportunity to launch cyber attacks.

official logo

A classic of scams by mail is to put a logo of a company to pretend that it is reliable. If you receive an email supposedly from your bank, it is normal for the logo and official information to come. But of course, cybercriminals can use that logo to impersonate the identity and launch attacks.

Therefore, even if you receive an email with an official logo, it can still be dangerous. You must carefully review the delivery address, the body of the message and never give information or download files by this means if you are not 100% sure. It could be a scam by hackers.

emails without files

Another type of mail that may seem secure but may not be is when we do not receive attached files. That is, we can think that a dangerous e-mail is going to have a virus, a document that you have to download. But the truth is that this is not always the case, since you could get infected simply through a link they send or a hidden image.

You must review the entire message very well and be especially careful with the links. Do not rely only on attachments to decide if an email is safe or dangerous. It is essential that you look at all mail as a whole.

As you can see, protecting your security on the Internet is essential. It is key to be careful with the emails you receive, but do not trust those that may seem reliable. They could really be a trap and it is essential not to make mistakes. You can avoid junk mail and spam to reduce risk.

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