You will never have problems using WhatsApp again; know about this important change

WhatsApp is an application that we all use in our day to day to communicate, but nevertheless we can have problems in certain places or circumstances. A clear example is the censorship that may exist in some countries. That prevents us from sending a simple message. Although there are methods to avoid problems of this type, such as the use of VPN, now the program itself is going to make an important change. We are going to explain in this article why you will be able to use WhatsApp everywhere without restrictions.

WhatsApp adds a proxy to avoid blocks

The novelty of WhatsApp to avoid blocks and restrictions when using your application in certain places is to add a proxy. This is going to be very useful for people who may live in countries where this service is generally censored, but also in case of specific blockages as we have seen in certain countries recently.

The objective is to allow us to communicate safely, reliably and without interruptions. All this regardless of where we are. But what does it mean to use WhatsApp through a proxy? When you connect to the program to send or receive messages, you are going to connect through a server that has been created by someone who voluntarily wants to help avoid blocking and censorship.

This means that if you are in a country where access to WhatsApp is blocked, by connecting through a proxy server created by someone else, in another country, you will be able to access without problems. You will not be censored, nor will you see that the application is blocked and you will be able to send messages as if you were in another country.

Change to protect WhatsApp chats

Privacy & Security

Does this mean that we lose security and privacy? From WhatsApp they are forceful on this question and indicate that the connection through a proxy maintains the high level of privacy and security that the application offers. Therefore, messages will be protected by end-to-end encryption.

The fact that the messages are end-to-end encryption It means that only the person who sends and the person who receives a message will be able to read it. Not even the company itself, nor any possible attacker who manages to intercept the content we are sending. Conversations will remain just as private.

You can see information about how to create a proxy in whatsapp which is available on GitHub. There you will see the steps you must take if you need to use this application in a country where the application is blocked, either permanently or under certain circumstances. If you are in the European Union, this change does not really affect you, but it does in case you need to contact someone who is in another country or you are going to travel to another place where the application is blocked.

In short, as you can see, WhatsApp launches the option to configure a proxy in the application to be able to use the program in places where there are censorship and blockages. A way to always maintain communication. Likewise, you should always maintain security on WhatsApp and not make mistakes.

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