Your mobile is the key to saving light; do all this and pay less each month

For save on electricity bill, you can take into account different tips and recommendations. It is key to control the devices that have a higher consumption, use the different modes correctly or contract an adequate rate. However, in this article we are going to talk about something simple. We are going to compare what you do with your mobile to save battery, with what you could do to use less electricity at home.

The goal is that you can see that, simply with some tweaks and small changes that you do, you can spend much less on the electricity bill each month. In many cases, it is something that you already do when you need to save battery with your mobile or laptop. You can apply it in your day to day at home.

Save light with the example of your mobile

You will be able to use the example of your phone, what you can do in your day to day so that the battery does not run out, in order to save electricity at home. In addition, in this case you will notice a saving that is really going to be important. You may notice that the electricity bill decreases and that means paying several euros less per month.

Lower screen brightness

Something that surely you have ever done, is lower the brightness from the mobile screen. That will help you save energy. It will consume less, so it will allow you to extend the time of use before having to plug it in again and recharge the battery. The savings can be important, in some cases.

You can apply the same to other devices in your day to day. For example, you can control the brightness of the television, the brightness of the bulbs that are dimmable, etc. For example, if you’re going to be cooking and just have the TV in the background to listen to the news, you don’t really need the brightness to be turned up. When you watch TV at night, the same.

Correctly use the different modes

Your mobile has a saving mode and even, some models, ultra saving mode. What does this mean? Basically, the phone is going to run at lower power. The processor, nor the graphics, nor other components will not work to the maximum. The idea is to save battery, even if that means that the device works a little slower.

You can do the same with many other devices that you have at home. You can use different modes to save energy. For example, you can use the Eco mode of the dishwasher or washing machine. You can also set another mode on the air conditioner and many other compatible devices to use less energy.

Disconnect devices from the main device

If you connect Bluetooth headphones to the mobile, for example, the battery will drop faster. The same can happen in a laptop to which you connect a hard drive or any other device. Anything you plug in or connect wirelessly is going to make the device need a higher electricity consumption.

You can apply this to other devices that you use in your day to day, at home. A clear example is the television, where you may have connected a video player, a game console, a hard drive… When you don’t need to use these devices, it is best to disconnect them from the electricity.

As you can see, you can take the example of what you do with your mobile phone, to apply it to your home and thus save energy. The goal is to control consumption and be able to pay less each month at home.

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