Your Xbox controller can be the most beautiful in the world

There are many users who are always looking for customization options to differentiate themselves from the rest. Whether with mobile phone cases, laptop stickers or skins for your favorite device. But on Xbox they wanted to go further and allow users to create their personalized controller with great detail. Well, the color options have increased, so now the combinations are almost endless.

Create your own Elite Controller for Xbox

Custom Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Design Lab

Thanks to the so-called Xbox Design Lab, users can create an Elite Series 2 Core controller step by step with completely custom colors. Taking into account the latest additions to the Xbox controller catalog, surely more than one of you had your eye on some very striking editions, so now you can be inspired by them to bring your own controller to life.

And it is that, although the Elite Series 2 arrived at the Design Lab last year, many more customization options have now been included, among which we will find new colors and new options for the button panel, where we can choose buttons with a black background, or the background of different colors.

In total, there are 16 colors for the main shells, 12 colors for the ABXY buttons, 17 colors for the sticks and crosshead, and 25 colors for the rest of the controller. This will allow you to have a lot of freedom when creating the remote that will identify you at home, but you can even laser engrave your name so there is no doubt who owns the controller.

How much does it cost?

Custom Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Design Lab

Elite Series 2 controller customization continues to cost €139.99Although if you want the complete pack with additional levers, replacement sticks and a case with a charger included, you can get everything for 199.99 euros, instead of the 229.96 euros that it would normally cost.

So now you know, go to the editor xbox design lab and give free rein to your creativity, since you will be able to say that your controller is yours and nothing else for more than obvious reasons. And remember that colors are different, so don’t worry about the result, since it will surely be original.

Xbox Design Lab is a customization service that was initially only available in the United States, but little by little Xbox has expanded to offer it in Europe. So you can personalize not only the Elite Series 2 controller, but also the traditional controller or the accessory components of the Elite Series, which will also match the joysticks, sticks and finishes of the protective case.

Source: Xbox Design Lab

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