YouTube wants to drive out charlatans and launches credibility stickers for use by health professionals

Healthcare professionals with a YouTube channel are eligible for the YouTube Health program. If selected, it will allow them to move to the top of search results and reach a wider audience.

They obviously have to meet a number of conditions, with the program aiming to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to health advisors. It’s well known, you can find everything on YouTube. Anything and everything, even malware in video descriptions. Which is problematic when we come to seek reliable advice on our physical or mental health. Alphabet is aware that its video-sharing service also offers a platform of choice for charlatans. In effect, scammers of all stripes flock to YouTube hoping to take advantage of the credulity of Internet users.

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YouTube thinks it can fight this phenomenon. The service announced on its blog that certain categories of health professionals can request that their channels benefit from the YouTube Health features, which have already been available in the United States for a year. YouTube Health primarily aims to showcase videos from well-known and credible professionals in a carousel at the top of the search results list. Their YouTube channel will also feature a panel that will attest to their authority in the medical field.

The YouTube Health panel is a guarantee of credibility for health professionals

Even more than helping professionals stand out from the anonymous mass of videos that provide health advice, YouTube is about eliminating misinformation. Health Shelves have so far only been available to official bodies such as hospitals, universities and other government organizations. They will now be more generally accessible to recognized health professionals.

To obtain the precious sesame which will allow them to pass at the top of the search results, the candidates must be able to present their diplomas and respect a certain number of good practices for sharing health information defined by the World Health Organization. These new YouTube Health features are only for currently only available in the United States and Germanybut they should soon open up to other European countries.

Source : YouTube Health

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