10 Healthcare Technology Trends for 2022

Technology has become a part of the human world and it evolves with the world. Our lives are now unconsciously ruled by technology and it is involved in our daily lives. Most professional fields are adapting to the use of technology for faster and better results as technology has made life easier for everyone.

The health sector is not left out in this innovation, technology in health is quite necessary to improve our health condition. The use of technology in the health sector has helped so many people with severe medical conditions like kidney failure, dialyzing machines helps in blood cleansing and buys more time for patients suffering from kidney failure and it also helps in reducing the pains. Some people are not even aware of most of these technologies. In this article, we’ll get to know what healthcare technology really is, the benefits of healthcare technology and at least 10 healthcare technology trends for  2022.

What is Healthcare Technology

Healthcare technology is any software or IT tools or custom solution like the one from Intetics Inc that covers artificial intelligence, cloud, algorithm, blockchain designed to improve the quality of lives. These technologies and many more have helped the health sector to give improved medical services.Technology is necessary in health because we are faced with more complicated health issues in the world. As the world evolves and population increases so has the medical challenges increases and this challenges needs optimized technology in order to cope with the system.

There are also advanced problems now in the medical sector like security. One might wonder why an optimized security system is required in the health sector. As the world upgrades to the usage of better technologies so does the rate of cyber crime and as such security is required in any sector of life that is making use of digital technologies.

Enlightened already? Let’s take a look at the benefits of these technologies to the health sector.

Benefits of Healthcare Technology

Here are some benefits of using the healthcare technology

Easy Accessibility of Patient records

Before now, doctors and nurses stored medical records of patients manually and it was a lot stressful in retrieval of files or records and this usually left the medical practitioners exhausted at the end of the day. With the introduction of technologies like Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), data storage has been made easy as it is collected and stored in a digital format. These files are easy to retrieve when the need arises and this serves time and energy. 

Increased Accuracy

With the use of healthcare technology, medical errors decrease. As humans are prone to errors, there have been complaints about errors in the medical records and even diagnosis, the introduction of technology to the health sector has helped increase accuracy in medical records and patients feel more secure with the knowledge of this innovation.

Better Patients Care

Patients are being cared for better with the use of healthcare technology as personal information can be revealed by the machines. The use of ECG for instance helps keep track of the electrical activities of the heart and this helps in detecting when the heart is not functioning properly. Other devices help in proper check up of the patients thereby increasing the care given to the patient.

10 Healthcare Technology Trends for 2022

There are several mind-blowing technology trends that have been innovated this year and we’ll be taking a look at 10 healthcare technology trends. These includes;

Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI helps to reduce the workload for medical practitioners. Greater percentage of work performed by the medical officers is routine checkup and this consumes a lot of time which they would have used for something more profitable. AI helps to lessen their burden and reduce the routine checkup as some machines can do that faster and better.


This is the delivery or health services via electronic devices. This technology was extremely helpful during the pandemic as patients did not have to visit the hospital before having access to good medical services. Even after the pandemic, most people have adopted the method as it saves the stress of going to the hospital and waiting up in queue to be attended to.

Cloud Computing

Healthcare also makes use of cloud security where medical information is stored. The cloud helps in storage of data and helps reduce space consumption. Information stored in the cloud can easily be accessed at any time and anywhere, cloud enables information to reach every member of the health organization as they can access information stored in the cloud from their comfort zone.


The use of data analytics helps make work load lighter for doctors. When chronic diseases are being treated, lots of data is generated and without data analytics the information will be too bulky to process. Analytics makes work easier and lighter and more precise.

Computer Security

This is an optimized security system which helps keep information and equipment secured. As everything has been digitized, it is easy for cyber criminals to penetrate the health system and get important information or cause damage which can be life threatening. Computer security is extremely important in the medical sector in order to ensure safety.

Remote Patient Monitoring

This technology helps physicians detect what is going on in the patient’s body without a physical examination. It reduces the stress of physical check up as the monitoring device shows all the necessary information and alerts if there is a slight change from the normal

Wearable Technology

Advanced wearable technology helps physicians keep track of patients remotely and also helps patients know their medical status. Wearables are very convenient for patients who are busy and have little or no time for medical checkup. They help know the progress of a patient’s health and how responsive they are to treatment. Examples of wearables are; smartwatches for blood pressure check, smart pills etc. In line with this, there is a blood pressure monitor known as Omron platinum blood pressure monitor, which is high quality and reliable. 

Machine Learning

This technology learns about a patient problem and how to make the patient better. In the near future, it will be used for drug discoveries. It learns how to improve one’s health status and work towards achieving that. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality helps in giving an extended range of practical implementation which helps in the improvement of medical procedure and enhances the skills of doctors in practical scenarios like surgery. It gives surgery training for better surgical performance.

Smart Inhaler

This is a device which is set to help and manage Asthma attacks. This is connected to a mobile app in a smartphone and sets to remind asthmatic patients when to make use of an inhaler especially if the patient is in a polluted area which is short of oxygen.


Many technology trends are being invented to help the quality of human health and it is advisable to explore these technology trends and make the best use of them. Owning healthcare technology helps make work easier for physicians and help give better health care to the patients.

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