3 programs that recognize faces in your photos thanks to AI

From time to time the artificial intelligence or AI, little by little it is reaching the technology sector and specifically certain applications. All this is something that for the end user is directly influencing the editing of multimedia content such as photos and videos. It is evident that the arrival of this technology is beneficial for the majority of users who want or need to take advantage of it.

Perhaps many of you by now have already seen first-hand the benefits that the use of AI has in certain applications. A clear example of all this, as we mentioned before, can be found in everything related to editing multimedia content. This is something that is especially evident if we do not have too much knowledge on this subject. And it is that the artificial intelligence that these software solutions implement help us to obtain really attractive and professional results in this sector with little effort.

In addition, all this little by little is growing in terms of functionality and effectiveness, to the delight of many. Moreover, some of the big technology companies develop their own artificial intelligence that they integrate into their software solutions, as is the case with the case of Adobe Sensei. We cannot forget that this firm is one of the most important in the world thanks to programs such as Photoshop or Premiere.

But despite the popularity of these applications, there are many simpler ones that apply AI to help us on a daily basis. Precisely below we want to talk about some programs focused on working with images that use artificial intelligence to recognize faces in photos.

Use facial recognition in photos with AI

This feature that we are talking about here and that we achieve thanks to the artificial intelligence integrated in some programs, it can be very useful to us. For example, we can save time and reduce efforts when it comes to cataloging and organizing our personal images. It must be borne in mind that these applications, thanks to the AI technology are responsible for recognizing faces and even automatically organize our images based on them.

digicam: firstly, we will talk about a powerful solution to organize our photos that includes artificial intelligence, totally free. Actually, it is an open source project that has a powerful facial recognition system which will be very useful to us. It also has a machine learning functionality so this recognition is perfected as we use it.

ACDSee: on the other hand, we are going to talk about the Ultimate version of this well-known photo organizer. As in the previous case, this application has its own facial recognition function based on AI so that we can name the detected subjects. Also, as we give names to those who appear in the images, the program by itself will detect those same people in the rest of the files.

PhotoDirector: This is a paid proposal from the well-known developer CyberLink that has a artificial intelligence function called FaceMe. The same, as its name suggests, is responsible for detecting the faces of our images to facilitate our organization tasks. In addition, it also allows us to tag those people to speed up the process in future image archives.

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