4 features we miss in VLC

And we are not only referring to desktop computers, but we can find this application on mobile devices, tablets, video game consoles, etc. Its developers decided to make available a version of the program compatible with most operating systems and hardware products. But the secret of its success is not only there, but many other factors come into play here. For example, the reliability and stability that the software presents us in the reproduction of all types of content is also highly valued.

Nor can we forget that it is capable of reproducing practically all of the file formats related to both audio and video. To all this, we add the enormous number of functions that we have at our disposal to adapt the program to our needs. Therefore, it can be considered as an excellent solution for the reproduction of multimedia content valid for both novice and advanced users in these areas.

However, no program is perfect, so there are always functions or aspects that we could miss and that of course can be improved. This is precisely what we want to talk about next. Specifically, we refer to some of the functions and features that we could miss in VLC at this time.

What would we ask VideoLAN to improve VLC

Despite all the functionality that this powerful multimedia player application offers us, the truth is that in terms of appearance it has lagged a bit behind. With this what we say is that VLC needs a renovation regarding its user interface, as it is somewhat outdated. Other programs belonging to its competition have evolved in this sense, while VLC has been looking the same for many years.

On the other hand, in terms of content processing, there is also less in the creation of automated playlists. With this we want to tell you that this specific application should carry out a automatic search for compatible content to expose them and offer them to us in the interface. This is something that other similar programs have been able to carry out for some time now and that makes it much easier for us to play both audio and videos. In fact, this could be an optional feature so that those who are not interested in it could turn it off.

Changing third, before we talk about the wide compatibility in terms of formats and audio and video codecs that this program has. However, in this sense it has some shortcomings regarding the most recent ones. It is precisely for this reason that VLC is expected to be natively compatible with the AV1 and AV2 codecs. In turn, the player should also improve the use of cutting-edge technologies. Here we refer to 360 degree contents or to virtual reality.

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