5 essential programs if you read ebooks

As time passes they ebook readers and its use is spreading ostensibly. We can find a good number of models available on the market, as is the case with the popular Kindle, although there are many more. The same thing happens with the programs that allow us to work with these ebooks that we are commenting on.

It is true that many users still prefer to continue using paper books, those of a lifetime, but the comfort offered by the digital format is beyond any doubt. In addition, we use these files in the form of ebooks, not only with novels, but with manuals of all kinds, training books, comics and much more. It is precisely that it is also interesting to have a series of applications that help us carry out everything we need with these electronic books.

Due to its widespread use, many developers right now they release their own software projects to help us work with these files. Next, we are going to propose and talk about a series of programs that can be very useful for you to get the most out of your Kindle or any other reader through electronic books.


Without a doubt, here we find one of the most representative titles for this type of task. Caliber is a powerful manager of this type of digital books that allows us to manage them in the best way and carry out many additional tasks. Here the first thing we do is create our personal content library and add books to be able to manage them in an effective and simple way. In addition, it does not stop receiving updates and improve in terms of its general functionality.

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One of the main purposes of those files is to be able to read them on any device. This will include computers that can work in a complementary or additional way to the usual electronic reader or Kindle. Here we find an electronic book reader with a multitude of functions that make these tasks easier for us. It has its own term search engine and is also compatible with most current formats.


On certain occasions it is necessary or we prefer to load content in PDF format into our e-book reader. Originally we can find that ebook in EPUB, DOC, RTF or any other. Therefore, we can make use of this application that we are commenting on now to convert that content into a PDF and later load it into our hardware reader. The whole process is carried out in a simple way through a virtual printer that is created in the application.

Kindle Comic Creator

We have already told you before that ebook readers are not only used for novels. For example, comic book lovers can also make use of these devices to enjoy their favorite titles on the go. But for this, on many occasions we will need to create or convert this specific content and then pass it on to the reader like the Kindle. For this we can use the software called Kindle Comic Creator that will help us in these tasks. In addition, the program offers us all the facilities to create this type of content in particular before uploading it to the ebook reader.

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Likewise, it may be the case that we want to create our own ebooks to later upload them or load them in our book reader. For example, this is a software that allows us to write our electronic books and give them the correct structure before turning it over to the reader. For this, it presents us with all the necessary functions and so on. achieve a fully compatible EPUB file.

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