5 iconic settings you have to know from The Lord of the Rings

1. The Shire

What can be said about the place we have all wanted to live in since it appeared at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring?

The Shire, the home of the hobbits, it is a placid green paradise, with gentle hills and holes Hobbit excavated in the rock with a circular wooden door and roofs on which the grass grows.

Preserved setting of Hobbiton in Lord of the Rings

This enclave, located in the region of Mighty waikato, it is so iconic, that it has been preserved and you can visit the set of the films, where you will feel exactly like one more inhabitant of Hobbiton.

2. Rivendell, natural park

Few things more representative in The Lord of the rings than Rivendell, home to the elves led by Elrond and an enclave protected by magic and the mighty river Bruinen.

Rivendell is located in the Kaitoke Regional Park, just 45 minutes from the city of Wellington. There we can enjoy spectacular lushness, rivers and ideal routes for camping or riding on horseback, along trails surrounded by wild nature. If you go, it will still seem that you are going to be ambushed by elves that you will not hear until you are in front of you.

3. El Monte del Destino, a volcano that is still active

Mount of Destiny in Ngauruhoe

If you travel to the North Island of New Zealand, you will be able to see on the horizon a familiar profile, that of the sinister Mount of Destiny, site of the destruction of the One Ring.

The mountain Ngauruhoe It is an active volcano that first erupted 2,500 years ago and is the youngest mouth of the volcanic complex in the area, called Tongariro.

In fact, if we want to emulate Frodo and Sam, climbing this mountain is a common activity. In addition, in that area of ​​Tongariro other scenes from Mordor were also filmed and even the Lonely Mountain of the trilogy The Hobbit.

4. Lothlorien, lakes and forests near Queenstown

On the shores of Lake Wakatipu, in the South Island, are the places where the scenes of Lothlorien, home of the elves, were set. Sindarin (Legolas’s) under the leadership of Galadriel and Celeborn.


Queenstown is an area full of postcard scenery. In fact, scenes from Isengard were also shot there in the fields of Glenorchy and you can do rafting at Anduin river canyon, where the imposing Argonath are located. Yes, to the Pillars of the Kings you won’t see them, because the statues were made with CGI.

5. Gondor, the Twizel countryside and a French castle

If you want to visit Gondor and tour the battlefield of Pelennor, you will have to go to Twizel, a town on the South Island surrounded by the places that lent its image to Gondor and were the scene of the decisive battle for Minas Tirith.

Of course, the city seen in all its splendor was a miniature and, if you want to see the place where they were inspired to do it, you will have to visit something closer, France. The legendary castle of Mont Saint-Michel, situated on an island in Normandy that can be reached on foot at low tide, was the model for the design of the legendary capital.

Because it may be 20 years The Lord of the rings, but its most iconic places have left an indelible mark.

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