5G Ventures closes an investment round of one million euros

5G Ventures has recently announced the closing of its investment round with one million euros. In this new stage, companies of the stature of Sener and far side that allow to reinforce the positioning of the first European venture builder and attract other investors to the project.

This venture builder is characterized by creating emerging companies linked to low latency technology and is based at Pier01 in Barcelona. Alberto Villalobos, CEO and co-founder of 5G Ventures, assures that with Sener they share the commitment to promote innovation in the industrial sector. For its part, 5G Ventures represents an opportunity for Sener to bet on open innovation in the 5G segment from a fully preferential position.

Óscar Julià, Sener’s Director of Innovation and Digitization, describes the agreement as optimal. He assures that connectivity is the basis of all the disruptive businesses that are appearing and that require better connectivity. With 5G Ventures they want to improve the channeling of new businesses with added value to companies, users and developers of technology, services and digital solutions.

With the new injection of capital obtained by 5G Ventures, it will be possible to create two startups that bet on the sectors agrotech and connected mobility, as well as four startups from the portfolio that he currently manages. We talk about Neutroon and BE-IN-Gin terms of advanced connectivity solutions for 5G private networks, of Blue Guardianfor industrial cybersecurity, and Gluonisefor edge computing.

5G in Spain is still in a development phase, despite its driving power of the digital transformation of the industry at considerable levels, affecting all strategic economic sectors. 5G Ventures is committed to this digitization and the expansion of 5G through new startups and the concept of advanced connectivity.

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5G Ventures specializes in startups that develop products that accelerate advanced connectivity solutionsdriven by AI and Edge Computing (5G, 6G, WiFi 6/7 or IoT, satellite networks or Metaverse ready-networks’. It is also seen in use cases in industry 4.0 (smart factory, retail, smart home, logistics, energy, smart city, entertainment, agriculture or health).

The new startups

With the incorporation of Sener, as a group specialized in engineering and technology solutions and now an investor and industrial partner, 5G Venture is guaranteed to have an essential engine in the development of new business models and in favor of the most advanced connectivity.

By becoming a shareholder of the European venture builder, Sener will be able to contribute to the co-creation of new startups and the development of alliances with companies from its client portfolio until consolidating new business opportunities. A concept of open innovation and one connection with large volume of data that will allow to improve the decisions that are adopted and the expansion of the industry 4.0.

For 5G Venture, Sener represents a great alliance, since it enjoys international recognition due to its commitment to innovation and quality of service. It has more than 2,700 professionals on five continentsdeveloping its tasks in the aerospace, energy, mobility, renewable, digital and naval fields.

For his part, Farside presents himself as a venture builder of advanced technologies for modern industries. As a co-founder and co-investor of 5G Ventures, you will contribute to the development of the company and help it attract potential new investors. Directed by Rafael Garcia Escarre and other investors, has experienced very significant economic growth in recent months.

Farside Ventures was founded in 2020 by entrepreneurs Rafael García-Escarré, Marc Borrell, jordi Priu, Oriole Relats and William bions and it has been proposed to create an average 80 to 100 high technology or deep tech companies in the next four years. Its objective is none other than to serve as an agile and efficient instrument in the development of disruptive technology initiatives in sectors such as AI, the metaverse, blockchain, sustainability, genetics and 5G.

The project currently brings together other Spanish venture builders specialized in different verticals 101 Ventures, being Farside the largest shareholder and promoter of some of them. Since its creation it has had a financing of 20.5 million euros with the aim of promoting the project and the growth of its shares. The goal is to reach a portfolio of between 30 and 35 startups in 2023 and 48 in 2024, closing 2026 with an average of 80 or 100.

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