6 popular science books that everyone should read (or give away)

A Short History of Almost Everything, by Bill Bryson

Perhaps the most ambitious popular book. Bryson tries to tell us the most important thing in the universe that surrounds us, its history and its secrets.

And it succeeds, because it is also one of the most famous popular science books. With millions of copies sold, you will not fail.

And if you are thinking of a gift for someone younger, do not worry, because also there is a children’s edition.

Homo Deus, by Yuval Harari

we passed from the history of the world to that of the future, with the subtitle A brief history of tomorrow. The Israeli popularizer, author of the book Sapiens (also highly recommended), try to predict the future and draw what our tomorrow will be like.

Google, Facebook and democracy, artificial intelligence and all the burning questions we ask ourselves They are in the pages of this great book.

A History of Time, by Stephen Hawking

The essential book of one of the most important scientists in history.

Finally, physics is clearly explained to us, in addition to unraveling the origin of the universe, the creation of space-time and addressing all those transcendental questions that we do not stop asking ourselves.

Guns, Germs, and Steel, by Jared Diamond

Diamond signature my personal favorite from the list, because it is not so well known by most, but it is fascinating.

In it we are told about the journey of humanity in the last 13,000 years and the phrase that: “Whoever does not know history is condemned to repeat it” is a good one.

When you read its pages, you will understand a lot of what happens around you, because we are boring beings who constantly repeat patterns.

Cosmos by Carl Sagan

Sagan’s pinnacle of outreach. I read it as a child, it fascinated me and reinforced my love for space.

Sagan was a scientist who, like Isaac Asimov, already warned of the current scenario of opposition to science, that we can appreciate this pandemic in all its splendor.

Welcome to the universe, various authors

We keep traveling through space. This time, by the hand of three of the most important astrophysicists today: Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Michael A. Strauss, and Richard Gott.

With them, we will know more intimately the space, the stars, the planets and galaxies that surround us. If you are a Star Wars or Star Trek fan, this is a map to those stars and planets where they are located.

As you can see, there is something for all tastes and they will quench any thirst for knowledge. Because if we closed Facebook and opened a book more often, we probably wouldn’t be the way we are.

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