81% of IT teams will invest in robotic process automation by 2023

The growth of robotic process automation in the enterprise seems unstoppable, as according to one Robocorp survey on the state of RPA in 2022, 67% of IT teams invested in this type of process over the past year, and 81% of those surveyed say that by 2023 they already have plans to invest in RPA. In addition to investment plans, the survey sought to understand the perspectives that RPA users have to understand existing RPA solutions, the obstacles that RPA users encounter, how

Of course, this does not mean that all companies are satisfied with the existing RPA technology. Quite the contrary, because 69% had problems with RPA bots not working correctly. Additionally, 65% of survey participants said they would benefit from usage-based pricing for this technology.

In addition, the majority of IT teams and companies that participated in the survey are not using the robotic process automation technology that best meets their needs. 34% of respondents say that the main value of RPA is the ability to adapt current technology to meet their needs, which are constantly evolving. Meanwhile, 22% indicate that their main value is their ability to scale and to meet the changing process needs they have.

56% say they would benefit from open source technologies in robotic process automation, but 81% of respondents say their RPA technologies are open source only 50% or less of the time.

All this makes it clear that although the popularity of RPA processes are increasing in all kinds of sectors, the survey results show that it is clear that the solutions that companies are using are not working. That is why it is a good time for companies that are dedicated to their design and development to make them evolve and improve.

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