a State of Play for the PSVR 2 scheduled for February?

Sony is rumored to be preparing for the return of State of Play with a major PSVR 2 announcement as early as February.

It’s been a while since Sony last granted us the honor of its presence on the media scene with a State of Play. But while 2022 has just begun, the firm could return to the spotlight on the occasion of a new broadcast. Event dedicated to new features to come on PS4 and PS5, it is an event awaited as the messiah by players as it often bodes well for excellent news.

According to the latest rumors, first reported by Tom Henderson, famous leaker specialist in video games, the next State of Play could take place next month, in February. To assert this, the user is based on the media events of this month and on the dates of previous State of Play. If the holding of such an event is therefore not official, it could be confirmed in the coming weeks.

In time for PSVR 2?

According to him, the State of Play should take such proportions that many players believe that it will be the opportunity for Sony to present its PSVR 2. This latest generation VR headset has made a lot of talk, even though the almost nothing is known about him. It was during this CES 2022 that Sony unveiled some of its technical characteristics, but no release date, or even official design or price.

The most important therefore remains to be discovered, although we know that the helmet will be packed with technologies of all kinds. We note for example the presence of many sensors (movement, infrared, gyroscope, etc.) but also of a technology eye tracking and haptic feedback in the controllers. Impatient? U.S. too.

Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok on the program?

But we can also expect announcements for three major licenses, expected this year. The first is Horizon Forbidden West. The sequel weaned out on PS4 and PS5 by February 18, so it could be relevant to reveal to us a final gameplay sequence or an unpublished trailer.

The second game is Gran Turismo 7, the famous racing simulation game. This one is expected on consoles by March 4, so we can expect some small revelations on its gameplay, its races or its cars, although everything was already leaked a few weeks ago. Finally, we would love to hear from God of War Ragnarok, also postponed to this year 2022, and that we are waiting with great impatience.

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