Capgemini and Unity join forces to advance the development of the metaverse in companies

Capgemini and Unity have reached an agreement to give global boost to the implementation of the metaverse in companies. With this agreement, both will make it easier for their clients to explore the business opportunities offered by immersive experiences and the metaverse in various sectors. To this end, they will jointly develop and execute specific professional services for each sector. Joint research and development projects may also be launched.

In addition, they will develop various recruitment and training initiatives, jointly, to grow the number of professionals who are certified in Unity RT3D technology. Among the sectors that will be prioritized thanks to this agreement are the following: consumer goods and retail, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology and energy, financial services, utilities and life sciences.

Unity will be responsible for enhancing Capgemini’s capabilities, from customer and employee experience design and strategy to frontend development and integration. In turn, Capgemini will help Capgemini accelerate the growth of its technology platform. In addition, the consultancy will share market trends and customer information with Unity, allowing it to improve its product development roadmap.

Joint clients of both companies will benefit from Capgemini’s capabilities in shaping business models and strategies, as well as its technology expertise in components that will be important to the deployment and scaling of Web3 and the metaverse. Among them, augmented, virtual and mixed reality. But also Blockchain and NFTs, 5G and 6G, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things and cybersecurity.

Pascal Brier, CIO of Capgemini and member of its Executive Committeehas highlighted that «The metaverse and immersive experiences open up a whole universe of possibilities for our clients across industries, ranging from enabling more emotional connections with consumers and reinventing the employee experience and collaboration to optimizing the engineering, manufacturing and operations using digital twins. Shaping industry-specific use cases and developing them at scale will require expert levels of technical and operational capabilities. We are delighted to partner with Unity, one of the main engines of the metaverse, to enable our customers to realize its true business value.«.

As to Marc Whitten, Vice President and General Manager of Unity Create Solutionshas underlined that they are happy with this agreement «to accelerate the adoption of real-time 3D technologies in various industries. Unity’s real-time 3D solutions will bring many new businesses into the next generation of the Internet, or the metaverse, helping them achieve greater interaction with their customers.«.

Photo: Marco Verch

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