After several years and attempts, FaceTime works in the United Arab Emirates

Apple’s multi-device video conferencing service has been blocked for many years, almost a decade, in the United Arab Emirates. Security protocols in that country prevent certain video calling services from being able to run. However and without really knowing the reason, since yesterday FaceTime can be used normally.

Since the launch of FaceTime, use of the service in the United Arab Emirates has been minimal. With the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and Digital Government of the country preventing Internet calling applications from working within its borders. However, on Sunday, Associated Press journalists discovered that the typical locks that stopped FaceTime voice and video calls apparently they have been removed. In this way, both the video and the audio are of good quality and serve both for calls made within the country and to foreign contacts.

It is not clear exactly why this is happening right now. Neither Apple nor the US telecommunications regulator have made any formal statement about what happened or whether the unlock will be permanent or temporary. FaceTime may be up and running as a result of the launch of its world’s fair earlier this month. It is expected to attract millions of visitors from around the world. Within the expo itself, WhatsApp and FaceTime calls could be made without dealing with the blocks that affect the rest of the country.

It has not been the first time this has happened. In 2018, an attempt was made to convince the authorities to relax the blocking measures, but it did not come to fruition. At other times, it was temporarily lifted, but obstacles are always put up again. So we believe that this time it will be the same. but we will have to be vigilant in case things change.

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