After Warzone, Call of Duty could have a desired survival mode

There are still plenty of months to go Call of Duty 2022: Modern Warfare 2 go on sale, but many people have their sights set on Infinity Ward and all the leaks that are emerging around this new installment, which are given dropper and with a lot of secrecy. To return to the top, the Activision franchise is not only worth going back to the past; they have to find a new one formula that works. And that formula can be the new DMZ modewhich according to several leakers, will have a gameplay very similar to that of Escape from Tarkov (2017).

What will this new mode consist of?

The DMZ-mode It will be a cooperative survival mode, probably in squads. The acronym DMZ stands for ‘demilitarized zone’, and it will be the third mode of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II. This mode would be inspired by Escape from Tarkova game that came out in 2017 but was successful even when it was in early access for its toughness and for the ability to transmit fear to the player.

Apparently this new sandbox would arrive to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II in beta phase, and would advance little by little through updates. The mode would bring a game system much more tactical in which we will learn to protect ourselves from the rest of the players and search in any corner for the loot that our enemies have hidden to have any chance of survival.

Therefore, we can discard the zombie mode to focus on this new mode that Infinity Ward is preparing. However, we must not forget that there is still a lot of time left for the launch of the title, which is estimated to arrive between October and November of this year. The change would have all the logic in the world considering that the public has been gradually detaching itself from the Activision franchise. It takes a really fresh, engaging, and adventurous mode for Call of Duty to return to the top, and this DMZ mode may be the perfect excuse for many players to leave other Battle Royales behind and return to this franchise.

Who has leaked the information?

war zone season 4

The first leak we saw about this new mode was at the end of December. published it Tom Henderson on Twitter, the famous filter that already has a batting percentage of more than 90%. Come on, when you post something, you’re sure it’s not a hoax.

Henderson’s information would end up being almost verified by Activision itself months later, because on February 11 of this year, the Call of Duty profile itself published on Twitter that this new title would release an incredible evolution of the Battle Royale, with a new game format and a sandbox mode.

Finally, the most recent data have been obtained from @TheGhostOfHope, which ensures that the DMZ mode will be released in beta. This comes to confirm the two previous sources. Some fans are really looking forward to this new mode, so this news could be frustrating.

However, you have to look on the positive side. If Infinity Ward thinks it should get this mode out of beta, there are still plenty opportunities that the feedback of players serves to improve the gaming experience.

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