Alert! If this has happened to you, your identity has been stolen on the Internet

When they access your accounts, they might put the safety of third parties is also at risk. They could access social network chats, speak as if they were you, request certain data… It is key to act as soon as possible and to do so it is important to know when they have been able to access, without you knowing, one of your Internet accounts.

Detect if your accounts have been stolen

The objective must be maintain security at all times. But there are times when you can make certain mistakes, there may be a leak or someone has managed to steal your password by some method. If something like this happens, knowing how to act as soon as possible can reduce the damage and solve it quickly.

Strange activities on the account

The first sign is when you find certain strange activities on your account. For example, you may have started following a page on Facebook, an unknown contact on Twitter, etc. Basically, any action that requires you to log into the account, but that you didn’t actually do.

That may be a clear indication that you have had some intruder in your account. It is important that you take action immediately if this occurs. You should change your password, scan your device for viruses, or see if you’re logged in to a foreign device that could be a risk.

Unknown logins

You can also see unknown logins. Platforms like Facebook allow you to know where and when you are logged in. This is useful to detect possible strange logins, in locations or devices that you really don’t know about and can prove that they have entered your account.

As in the previous case, if this happens you must take action as soon as possible. You should observe what may have happened and fix the problem before it can affect other social media profiles and any other accounts you have on the Internet. Checking everything well will be essential to reduce problems.

You receive alert messages

It may happen that you receive some warning message, where they tell you that there has been some intrusion into your account. This happens if, for example, a social network detects that you have logged into your account from an unknown location or there is some suspicion that it was not really you who logged in.

If you know that you are not logged into your account at that time, much less from the location or device they show you, it is another sign that they have been able to steal your identity and have control of that account. You should take measures quickly so that the problem does not become bigger and could affect third parties.

Have you sent a message that you don’t remember?

This is very clear: you log into your Facebook, Instagram or any other account, and you see that you have sent a message that you don’t really remember. This may indicate that there has been an intruder into the account. It could be a clear sign that your data has been stolen and they have control of that social network profile.

Acting quickly, contacting the person to whom you have sent that message without being you, is key. Perhaps that message contains a malicious link, so that the victim can enter and download some malware or be a Phishing attack. It is important to cut the spread as soon as possible.

You start receiving strange emails

If someone steals your identity and has access to your accounts, you will likely start receiving strange emails. They may register you on certain platforms that you are unaware of, maybe even use your data to reach and attack other victims. Any strange email you see, that doesn’t respond with something you usually use, you should be suspicious.

It is always important to take measures quickly, to protect yourself, but also to prevent these attacks from affecting third parties. Maintaining privacy and security on the network is in your hands if you avoid certain errors.

There are security risks when downloading torrents from the Internet, using certain programs, browsing web pages or exposing too much data on social networks. Virtually anything you do online can have risks, even small ones. Therefore, having your equipment protected, updated and avoiding making mistakes will always be very important.

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