It is more common than you think; If you have your router like this, the WiFi will be very bad

if you put the router in a bad place, it could suffer interference, be blocked by walls or walls, as well as too far from the devices that you are going to connect. All this will have a negative influence when connecting devices to the network. Maybe you can’t play streaming videos without cuts, for example.

Move the router away from the TV

It is quite common to have router near tv. The technician arrives, does the installation for us and we decide to put it there. It is where we have other devices, such as a video player, a game console or any other device, and we think that it is fine there, so that it is less in the way.

But that is actually a mistake. What happen? The router will be attached to a device such as the television, which will negatively affect it. On the one hand, the temperature of the router may increase. That’s going to make it overheat and it starts to work worse. It might even have continuous outages, forcing you to restart it to fix it.

There is another very important factor and it is the interference. You may have problems with devices near the TV, in addition to the TV itself. For example, it can happen with Bluetooth speakers or controls. By using the 2.4GHz frequency to work, it may cause problems and will make Wi-Fi work worse.

Therefore, having the router near the television is a bad idea, although it is something that many people do. This will cause the router to overheat, in addition to suffering interference that may exist with other devices that use it. bluetooth. It will be key that you choose well where to put the device at home.

improve the router

Tips for locating the router

So where is it good to put the router? For example, a good place is a furniture in the center of the house. It is interesting, since it will distribute the signal better so that other devices can connect without problems. It is key that this piece of furniture is away from possible interference, such as other devices.

It is also a good idea to put the router in a elevated position. In this way, it will emit the signal better. Avoid putting it too close to the ground. You shouldn’t put it near windows facing the street either, as you’re going to waste signal. The best thing is that you can connect devices without problems.

Move it away from walls and walls thick, it will help you to get the signal correctly. It is yet another recommendation that you should keep in mind so as not to have problems when locating the router at home, with the aim of better coverage reaching the areas where you will need to connect. This will save you from having to use a Wi-Fi repeater or extender.

In short, as you can see, it is key that you move the router away from the television. Do not put it next to the TV, or other devices that may generate interference or cause the device to overheat. The best thing is that it is in a more isolated area, on top of a piece of furniture and from where it can better distribute the signal.

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