Aliens: James Cameron confirmed an urban legend about the title of the film

If you are a fan of the Alien franchise or the director of Avatar And Titanic, James Cameron, then you may have already heard of the urban legend that has been circulating for years about the title of the second xenomorph film: Aliens – Final Showdown (well, just “Aliens”, in the original version).

James Cameron confirmed a famous urban legend linked to the title of Aliens – Final Clash

According to the legend, which for decades circulated on the net among fans, after the success of the first Alien, Cameron went to the 20th Century Fox eager to make a sequel to the Ridley Scott. Here, the director proposed the idea to the studio through a simple but impactful presentation. In fact, Cameron wrote the title of the first film on a blackboard, then added a final S and then transformed it into $.

A story that many thought had been invented by some fans a long time ago and which, instead, has been confirmed by the director himself.

“Yes, it’s true”Cameron told CinemaBlend when asked about the legend. “It was actually on the back of a script, or some sort of presentation document. It may have been the initial subject. I do not remember. I was sitting with the three producers, and we were in the office of the then head of 20th Century Fox. And I said, ‘Guys, I have an idea for the title. This’. And I wrote “Alien” in big letters with an S at the end. I showed it to them. I said, ‘I want to call him Aliens, because we’re not dealing with a single alien, but with an army, and that’s the big distinction. And it’s very simple and very graphic. ‘ And then I added, “’But here’s what it will translate into.’ And then I drew the two lines to make it a dollar sign. And that was my move. And apparently it worked! Because they confirmed the title. They never questioned it. “

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And, as we know Cameron was right. Aliens would have grossed more than $ 20 million compared to the original film at the domestic box office, while also achieving great worldwide success. Adjusted for inflation, Aliens’ $ 85 million nationwide box office translates to $ 210 million in 2021, while the global box office total of $ 183.3 million translates into something like $ 464.85 million today. With a claimed production budget of $ 17 million, the film was a huge success that also garnered seven Academy Award nominations, winning two.

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