These renders of the Apple Watch Pro could already become a reality

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In a few hours we will be able to see how Apple presents several devices in society. The iPhone 14 is expected, of course, but it seems to me that the star is going to be the new watch with which we have been speculating for several weeks. A new Apple Watch aimed at the most experienced athletes with multiple functions and that, according to last minute leaks, could have a considerable size as well as several extra buttons compared to what we are used to. Based on that, a series of renders have been created that honestly, could become reality.

The Apple Watch Pro is considered to be a high-end watch series from Apple, intended for athletes and people who need more than just receiving messages or being told the time. Training metrics, programmable buttons, GPS guidanceā€¦ we have read and heard many rumors. We are a few hours away from knowing the truth. Whether we will know or not, whether there will be an Apple Watch Pro in the first place (Few must be those who do not believe it) and whether the forecasts of new size and new functions are actually met.

Zelbo Y Parker Ortolani, have taken all the rumors and created a series of renders that have made the community go a little crazy. At least I would love for them to be like that. The design, the aesthetics and in general everything together seems to ooze quality and above all many functions and many possibilities that open up to us wearing that watch on our wrist.

render 2 of the Watch Pro

render 3 of the Watch Pro

render of the Watch Pro

As usual, these renders have been shared through the Twitter social network. They conceive it with a Titanium case, which has been previously referenced in rumours. While the sides are round, the large two-inch screen is depicted as flat, again following through on rumours. The casing also incorporates a new crown protector to protect it. A second side button is also shown, believed to be a programmable control, possibly used as a shortcut for specific user-selected functions.

Not only have they thought about the hardware, they also envision what the new features would look like, including a hiking app, as well as a version of Safari for Apple Watch. They believe there could be a low vitamin mode, which could stop tracking activity and workouts.

We will leave doubts this afternoon. Wishing it would come true

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