All the exclusive PlayStation games you can play on PC

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Next we leave you with all the exclusive titles of PlayStation available on PC:

Beyond: Two Souls

Overwhelming story, the work of the great David Cage and his Quantic Dream that allows us to star in interactive movies of extraordinary quality. Starring Willem Dafoe and Elliot Page, it tells the story of Jodie Holmes and her mental powers that allow her to connect with an immaterial entity she calls Aiden.

days gone

This sandbox with zombies in a post-apocalyptic world It came to PS4 and it was a success, although not so much enough to justify a second installment. An adventure with bikers who must make their way through the zombie apocalypse with a very high-level technical and gaming invoice.

Death Stranding

Until today, Hideo Kojima’s latest game. A dystopia where the Earth has been devastated by creatures that destroy all traces of life. We, in our role as messengers, will have to help reconnect the world. There is nothing.

Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream and David Cage return to the fray with a narrative where in the future androids are an essential part of life of people. A moving plot that moves through several stories that intersect with several protagonists and end up coming together in a masterful way. You may be wondering if a robot can be considered a person.


It is one of the franchises recognized within the genre of tactical role-playing games, in this case created by Nippon Ichi. A unique opportunity to experiment on PC with a genre that has brought us much joy in recent years (and decades).

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

It does not have the name of other exclusive Sony franchises but it is very interesting, since it is about a first person narrative adventure where the important thing is to pay attention to what they tell us and do what is fair and necessary that they ask us. In addition, in this case it is the one that everyone points to as the spiritual successor of Dear Esther.


Game that came to PS3 and that has a development as beautiful as it is original, where we must cross enormous fields carrying the flower to a good port that allows the cycle of life to continue. We only have to worry about managing the direction of the wind… which is not a small thing.

Gun’s Up!

GUNS UP! It’s a strategy title. free to playwhere we have to manage the troops on screen through the general, marking where they should move, attack and, of course, always managing the resources so as not to get stuck in the middle of a fight.

God of War

What to say about one of the star releases of PS4, with an older Kratos, father of a son and who must deal with some of the problems left unresolved in the past. An action game that is narrated with a single sequence shot from the beginning to the end.

heavy rain

Quantic Dream and David Cage are back with another great game that came to PS3 with the possibility of handling it with PS Move. In the most recent versions of PS4 and PC that has been lost, but not the intensity of the argument, the depth of the decisions we must make and the many hours that it will require us to complete it 100%.


Game that was compatible (with cross-play and everything) with PS3, PS Vita and PS4 that you can play on PC and that invites us to fight on maps full of enemies while we feed on weapons with which to survive. Very simple but at the same time very fun.

Horizon Zero Dawn

What to say about the futuristic-apocalyptic epic that led the way on PS4 and now it does so with its second installment for PS5. You have this wonder on PC to enjoy one of the most important action adventures of the last decade that, finally, you have at hand on PC.


It was one of the first great successes of what was called the indie genre. For 10 years it has reached many platforms and the PC is also one of them: it is a unique experience, short but intense and very impressive.


The perfect mix between a Dark Souls and a ninja gaiden where we will not stop fighting against hundreds of enemies, thanks to a system of weapons and combos that becomes addictive at times. Don’t stop trying it.

Nioh 2

Continuation of the previous game that comes to reinforce the virtues of the first and that adds a larger catalog of ways to fight. It is a small wonder that you already have available for PC.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Based on the famous Predator from the movies, this game has a multiplayer development where the enemy has to finish off all the participants using that lethal weaponry that we already enjoy in the movies. Now available on PC.

Street Fighter V

After a period of exclusivity for PS4 and PS5, we finally have one of the best fighting games on PC, taking advantage of all the graphic power of our cards and, yes, asking us to forget about the keyboard and the mouse. Either you play it with a gamepad, or you’re going to get a lot of smacks.

The Unfinished Swan

Beside Journey, one of the best-known indies in the PlayStation ecosystem. In this case, the experience is almost above the gameplay, which is always at the command of very careful scenes both aesthetically and narratively.

The exclusives that are coming to PC

And then we leave you the ones that are yet to come and that, for now, have simply been announced.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

At last we can have the game spider-man on PC, remastered and all, starting on August 12, 2022. With it we will acquire all the content that has been released for in a single pack, as a GOTY edition. So don’t even think about it. If you haven’t played it, take advantage of it coming to computers.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales

It won’t be in August but it will be in the fall when we can enjoy Spider-Man Miles Morales for pc. The exclusive PS5 game makes the leap to computers and not much remake will be needed here, because the original already had a technical level up to what is required of an AAA game right now.


In this case we will not have to wait so long since from October 22, 2022 we will have the conversion of this title that tells us how a girl from New York ends up in a strange world full of beasts. So now you know, she prepares your weapons and distribute swords.

Uncharted The Thief’s Legacy Collection

And before finishing, a compilation, which contains nothing more and nothing less than Uncharted 4 Y Uncharted The Lost Legacy. Unique opportunity to enjoy the last two installments of the Naughty Dog franchise on PC. Although at first it seemed that it would arrive on June 20, 2022, it finally seems that it will be delayed.

final fantasy xvi

It still has a long way to go and there is no official date, but the new game in the franchise is very possible that let’s not see it until the end of 2023 or the first half of 2024. So for now… go make room in the home game library.

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