All these Funkos and LEGOs are on sale on Amazon, run!

It is not the first time that we have made a compilation of this type for you, so you can already imagine that a good list of selected offers is coming in two of the objects that collectors like the most: Funkos and LEGOs. And it is that there are so many discounts that we liked that we could not keep only one of each and we have preferred to compile a compilation of the best of the best so that you can go directly to get your great offer of the day. Take a look below and don’t forget to make room on the shelf…

The best Funkos with discount

Given the critical situation that Funko is going through as a company, it is normal for us to see especially aggressive sales on its products. We already warned you when we told you about the delicate finances of the brand and now we can verify it directly with some discounts that are crying out to be taken advantage of.

Marvel – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – Shuri in Sunbird

Possibly it is the offer of the day: our dear Shuri, Black Panther’s sister and the one in charge of picking up the superhero baton, boarding the Sunbird aircraft with a drop of 48%! In this way, it goes from the 38 euros that it cost to less than 20 euros.

Star Wars – Mandalorian – Ahsoka w/ Sabers

One of the great characters who introduced us (in the flesh) The Mandalorian it was Ahsoka. The Jedi Padawan also has her Funko figure –there would be more– and now enjoy a 29% price drop, so it can be yours for just over 11 euros.

Star Wars – Mandalorian- Mando Holding Child

We don’t leave the Disney+ series to show you this very special Funko. And it is that in it we have Command without the helmet holding our beloved Grogu. This figure, which sold like hotcakesnow has a 19% discount, so it can be yours for 12.90 euros.

Stranger Things – Eddie

Eddie’s fans in Stranger Things are in luck because the price of his figure has also hit a radical change: from the 80 euros that has been around (it is a model exclusive and rarer to get) can now be hunted for 32.30 euros. It is still a high cost for a piece of vinyl like this but the special thing about its distribution makes it a special Funko.

Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca – Star Wars – Pack 5

And another exclusivity, in this case from Amazon itself, to close the list. This pack of 5 Star Wars figures now enjoys one of its best prices thanks to the discount that looks like 29%. Each figure stands 3.75 inches tall and comes in an extra-long box with window display, of course.

LEGOs that are now cheaper

If LEGO bricks are more your thing (or simply after putting your boots on with Funko, you want to treat yourself to construction sets as well) know that there are also juicy offers that are hard to refuse.

LEGO (75304) Star Wars – Darth Vader Helmet

Nothing like paying homage to the dark side with a Darth Vader bust specially designed for collectors. With 834 pieces, it comes with a display stand and nameplate and is focused on adult audiences. Of the 79.99 euros that it is officially worth, you can buy it now for 53 euros – remember to click on the coupon box for an extra discount.

LEGO (42130) Technic BMW M 1000 RR

Motor lover in general and motorcycles in particular? Do not miss this LEGO Technic set with which you will be able to assemble your own BMW M 1000 RR in 1:5 scale and which does not lack details: it comes with a 3-speed gearbox (+ neutral), steering, suspension front and rear, chain transmission and 4-piston engine. You have it at one of its best historical prices (166.66 euros) if you apply the discount coupon.

LEGO (76218) Marvel Sanctuary

Doctor Strange’s iconic residence can now be displayed in his favorite room to show off to your friends that you have assembled this incredible 2,708-piece set. You’ll have a 3-story modular building with 4 facades, movie details and 9 Marvel Studios LEGO minifigures. And all with a discount now of 16%. Get her.

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