Amazon closes eight more stores to cut costs

That the global economy is still going through a difficult time is not a secret to anyone, and this is forcing large companies to make new adjustments that allow them to reduce expenses. Layoffs are one of the great classics in this sense, but closing stores is also another quite effective way to reduce costs, and it is the option that Amazon has chosen on this occasion.

The US giant has confirmed that it plans to close a total of eight more stores within its Amazon Go chain, and that the affected stores are located in San Francisco, New York City and Seattle. This closure will not take place immediately, since all the affected stores will continue to operate until April 1. As of that date, the final closure will take place.

It was in 2018 when Amazon decided to embark on its adventure with “Go” stores. Its objective was to offer buyers the possibility of enjoying the service that they would have in a “futuristic” store since they could enter, take all the products they need and leave with them without having to wait in line or register in the store. A revolutionary idea, without a doubt, although this does not mean that the stores do not have human staff, they are present in case anything arises.

In total, Amazon came to set up some 40 stores of this type in the United States, and even came with them to the city of London. To avoid any doubt about the future of these stores, the company has issued a statement explaining that it remains committed to its “Go” stores, and that this move is simply a necessary adjustment to optimize your situation Today.

What does this mean? Well, Amazon could continue opening more stores within its “Go” chain if the situation improves in the short, medium or long term. However, looking at the closures of physical stores that the American giant has been carrying out over the last year, I think it is clear proof that its commitment to the physical store has remained a mere anecdote. I am not exaggerating, think that a year ago it closed about 70 stores.

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