Amazon offer: you have the GoPro HERO9 practically on the ground

A hand holding the GoPro HERO9

If you still did not have a camera for your adventures this summer, take note because you have before you the offer you needed. It turns out that the GoPro HERO9 it has been falling little by little in price until today it is placed in one of its best historical labels. A fantastic cost for a model that continues to offer everything you need to immortalize any type of scene at a really high level.

GoPro HERO9, designed to always accompany you

GoPros take time to get old. It is true that with each new generation new features are added, but in general they are not very decisive details, their main quality being an unalterable feature: the recording quality. And it is that these cameras stand out for their excellent motion capture, offering us results that justify why it continues to be the favorite camera for adventurous people.

If that’s exactly what you want and you also want to save a lot of money, the HERO9 is perfect for you. This camera has a rear touch screen with touch zoom while its front screen will help you frame shots much easier. The team assembles a sensor 23.6 MP capable of capturing video in 5K resolution and taking 20 MP photos with the mode Super Photo, that is in charge of automatically processing the image in the most optimal way to offer you the best result.

You can enjoy options such as modes HyperSmooth 3.0 (for perfect stabilization), TimeWarp 3.0 (for capturing sequential scenes at different speeds) or HindSight (which captures video from 30 seconds before you start recording so you never miss a thing), an 8X slow motion function . if yours is record liveyou can also do it with this GoPro and transmit your content in real time at 1080p on social networks.

The front screen of the GoPro HERO9

Now with a discount on Amazon

As we pointed out, the HERO9 may not be the most recent, but it still enjoys a list of specifications that, together with the price it currently shows in Amazon, makes it a really attractive option. In this way, if you were looking for an all-terrain camera that you could take to the beach or mountains or even drive through urban areas to capture any type of sequence, it is the perfect companion for said mission.

Its official sale price was 429.99 euros, although it has been dropping in price for a long time until it is currently placed, thanks to its discount on the 247 euro. Almost half of its original cost for a piece of equipment that is very worthwhile.

Sent and sold by Amazon itself -with all the advantages that this entails-, you can buy it in the next 2 hours and receive it at home this same Wednesday. Don’t think about it too much, it’s sure to fly.

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