Amazon unveils an e-reader with stylus, we know what the Galaxy S23 will look like, this is the recap

Amazon is launching an e-reader delivered with a stylus intended for taking notes, the Galaxy S23 are revealed in images, a Mini in the colors of Lidl, that’s the recap.

Amazon Kindle Writer
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The day of September 28, 2022 will have been particularly rich in announcements. If Intel has lifted the veil on its 13th generation Raptor Lake processors, Amazon has not been idle either and presented us with a whole series of new devices, such as the 5th generation of Echo speakers, the 3rd generation of Fire TV Cube , the new Alexa Pro voice remote control and… A Kindle reader supplied with a stylus! For its part, Lidl took the opportunity to unveil a car in the brand’s colors, while the first images of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ have just been released on the Web. Come on, let’s go, on the way to the recap of the day before.

The Galaxy S23 and S23+ are revealed through new renderings

Only a few more months to wait before the formalization of Samsung’s new flagships, the Galaxy S23. If we start to have serious elements on their technical sheet, we discover today their new design. Thus, the S23 and S23+ will inherit the rear look of the S22 Ultra. But that’s not all, since we learn more about their technical characteristics. We tell you in our article linked below.

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Amazon launches an e-reader with a stylus for taking notes

If it is no longer worth today to present the interest of e-readers in the face of tablets, here is that Amazon intends to shake up the market a little. The e-commerce giant has just unveiled the Kindle Scribe, a device intended for both reading… and writing. Besides, the device is not really an e-reader. Amazon bills it as “a 10.2”, high resolution 300 ppi display with front lighting and a basic stylus”. Enough to take notes while reading, draw pictures, adopt new habits… On the other hand, beware of the price!

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Lidl wants you to win a Mini in the brand’s colors

In terms of launching products using the colors of its brand, Lidl is not at its first attempt. We owe him in particular sweaters and sneakers. But now the trader has taken it into his head to produce a few copies of a Mini. If the tastes and the colors, it is not discussed, it is clear that this Mini yellow, blue and red has not finished talking about it. Attention, this model is not marketed and is the subject of a competition organized by Lidl.

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