This Warzone cheater looks ridiculous live

Caught live with the aimbots

CPTBALDY is a streamer (or was it a streamer) whose programming was basically based on performing live playing Warzone, a game in which he showed quite surprising ability with the keyboard and mouse. But it seems that the community of spectators his performance was quite suspicious, to the point that they accused him of being a cheater.

The basis for these accusations was quite obvious. His quick aim and his ability to shoot at the head were not normal, and everything seemed to indicate that he was using tricks and automatic cheats that allowed him to have advantages over his opponents.

Denying the obvious to the point of humiliation

Call of Duty Warzone

The good of CPTBALDY He absolutely emphatically denied these accusations, and repeated ad nauseam that at no time did he use dirty tricks to achieve victories. Until what had to happen happened.

As you can see in the video posted on the networks, the player must have pressed the wrong key revealing the configuration menu of the EngineOwning software, which allows adjusting parameters such as auto-aiming, enemy auto-aiming, firing delay, auto-aiming mode, and many more parameters.

The worst of the matter is that all this happened in full direct, causing the viewers who were in the broadcast to enter an outbreak of accusations and insults, exposing our protagonist, who did not know where to get into at those moments.

Closed account

Currently CPTBALDY’s Twitch account is closed, we do not know if the user’s own decision or if it was the service itself that has made the decision to ban the account for using illegal software in games (something that causes deception about the spectators). Either way, it seems that this player will not appear for a long time in the Call of Duty battle royale, especially since his account has been completely banned from the Activision servers. Punished!

Warzone season 5 arrives


And since we are talking about Warzone, we must remember that we are a few hours before the end of the current season begins with which to start the fifth and the presentation of Call of Duty Vanguard.

As reported in the official blog, a train will travel a circuit through the Verdansk terrain, and the players will have to destroy it, although it will not be easy, since it will have automatic turrets and a great defensive wall to prevent its collapse. Will the players get it? The course of the next season is at stake. Less is left!

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