AMD prepares a processor for the next generation Steam Deck

After the enormous success of the Steam Deck, and the increasingly extensive number of alternatives that are hitting the market, it seems that the next big step in portable gaming will come from AMD itself. And it is that the latest rumors suggest that the company is already preparing a new APU improved quad-core with Zen 4 and RDNA3 architectures, which apparently would be intended to power the next generation Steam Deck.

At the moment exclusively based on the rumors shared by the YouTube channel of Moore’s Law is Dead, who claims to have had access to an internal company report in which this new chip, currently known under the code name, was mentioned. “Van Gogh Successor”.

Among other details, it is noted a chip with a size between 110 mm² and 150 mm²with greater possibilities but also more expensive to manufacture.

The new APU, named Little Phoenix, will feature 4 cores and 8 threads and will be able to reach 4GHz of frequency, offering a performance between 25% and 35% higher than the current generation. Based on the Zen 4 architecture, it will release a new Radeon GPU with native RDNA3 support that promises improvements of up to 50% on graphics regarding the Steam Deck available today.

In any case, it does not seem likely that we will see a new Steam Deck in the very short term, but it does make a lot of sense that Valve, given the success and great reception that its portable bet has had, is already thinking about taking the next leap.

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