this compatible Xbox 360 controller will awaken your nostalgia

Do you have an Xbox Series X, but miss the good old days of Xbox 360? We won’t be able to bring the console back to life, but we can offer you a nice alternative: the next Hyperkin controller, which takes exactly the design of the 2005 console, while bringing the connectivity up to date. Splendid.

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If you saw the Xbox 360 in its heyday, then you know how his controller was a revolution in the middle. It’s no coincidence that its design has remained almost unchanged 18 years later and, despite two generations of consoles in the meantime, gamers are still nostalgic for the feel in the hand of this precursor controller. To all concerned, and for the other curious, we have good news: it will soon be possible to rediscover the pleasure of this controller on Xbox Series X.

We were already telling you about it a few months ago: Hyperkin, a manufacturer specializing in Xbox accessories, announced the launch of a controller imitating that of the Xbox 360, compatible on the latest generation of Microsoft console as well as on Windows 10/11 . It took some time, but that’s it, the manufacturer revealed the release date on its Twitter account. Appointment next June 6 to get your hands on the Xenon, its sweet name, or May 5 for those in a hurry eager for pre-orders.

Hyperkin will launch a $50 Xbox 360 controller with USB-C

In addition to its design, the Xenon benefits from another major argument: its price. Indeed, the controller will be marketed at $49.99, a lower price than the current Xbox Series S and X controllers. Note, however, that these are effective prices in the United States and that the manufacturer has not yet communicated on possible European prices. In addition, several new colors will also be available, such as red and pink.

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Despite everything, the Xenon suffers from a nasty defect that is difficult to ignore. This will only be offered in wired version, with a USB-C connector of course, but still wired. At a time when wireless controllers have become a formality, this is a rather damaging shortcoming for mobile gamers. We will say that it is to relive the sensations of the time.

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