AMD refuses to sell GPUs to miners, new series for cryptocurrencies?

For a couple of years now, cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin and the Ethereum they have become, again, very popular. This has fueled a kind of fever for gaming GPUs, with mining professionals acquiring almost every unit that goes on sale and in many cases preventing consumers from making legitimate purchases, and this is now even reaching the RX 6000 series of AMD graphics cards, although according to a company executive this sales success has almost nothing to do with mining.

The situation of shortages and price inflation of graphics cards for games has a clear beneficiary: the manufacturers of graphics cards. At the end of the day, as long as they sell their products as hotcakes (which is what is happening) they care little where these go, they monopolize the benefits with their eyes fixed on their production and this is more true when we talk about AMD , who has previously declared that it will not take any action against cryptocurrency mining, unlike NVIDIA, which has been concerned (with greater or lesser success) that its gaming GPUs will end up in the hands of gamers and not from the miners.

Will AMD launch a series of GPUs to mine cryptocurrencies?

AMD CFO Devinder Kumar recently attended a meeting to address the AMD graphics card stock issue. In this meeting, the manager said that the encrypted income related to the cryptocurrency mining They represent only a small part of AMD’s revenue, and that the company’s policy is to always prioritize gamers before miners, something that as we have already explained is not really the case since the company has not taken any action. about. In any case, he has stated that AMD has refused to sell GPUs for mining of cryptocurrencies.

Nobody will find it difficult to conclude that the AMD CFO is referring more to graphics cards designed for mining specifically, such as NVIDIA’s CMP models. In other words, for the executive, AMD’s effort is to produce gaming GPUs for the consumer and not for mining, but then if the miners buy those gaming GPUs, as is happening with the RX 6600 for your mining farms it’s not his thing.

By now we have seen a number of times AMD GPU designed for mining, although it is true that with a rather veiled attitude because there is still no official communication on the matter. The fact is that once again we enter the dynamic that the company does not care exactly who buys its graphics cards and what they use them for as long as they continue to maintain high sales volume; However, the fact that AMD has claimed that it has refused to sell GPUs for cryptocurrency mining leaves the door open for these dedicated GPUs to finally come to light.

Is it worth mining with AMD’s RX 6600?

Keep in mind that even when we talk about the Radeon RX 6600 XT, we are talking about an entry-level gaming GPU and that therefore it does not offer an outstanding performance. All in all, we have already seen previously that this AMD GPU is capable of offering around 32 MH / s in cryptocurrency mining (Ethereum specifically), a performance that is really very low compared to its NVIDIA counterparts, but if we take into account that it achieves it with a consumption of only 55 watts of energy, in reality it is one of the most profitable ones.

This may be precisely the point where cryptocurrency miners are becoming so interested in AMD’s RX 6600 series, as even though its raw performance is not a big deal, its low power consumption makes it quite profitable to mine with them. … Although it is true that large amounts of GPU are needed to achieve high profitability, which is leading, precisely, to a serious lack of stock.

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