AMD RX 7000 better than the NVIDIA RTX 40, reality or smoke?

With half a year to go before we can get our hands on the new NVIDIA and AMD gaming graphics cards, there are already claims that the NVIDIA RTX 40 will be no better than the AMD RX 7000. So everything would point to a generation where the Radeon surpassed the GeForce in performance. What is the truth in these statements and what is their source?

It’s no secret that NVIDIA’s next generation of graphics cards are going to go head-to-head with rivals from AMD for consumer interest in the PC gaming market once again. Today, NVIDIA is in a comfortable position because of its huge market share advantage. Which means that Lisa Su’s company has to carry out a marketing based on swelling the ball even before the launch. And let’s not forget that despite their increasingly better graphics architectures, they still have shortcomings in certain aspects compared to NVIDIA solutions.

So it is a challenge for AMD to offer a gaming graphics architecture that is better than its competition. Although what is especially important is the so-called flagship product or Halo, the top of the range that will remain in people’s minds as the most powerful. And AMD seems very convinced that the RTX 40 is worse than its RX 7000. The advantage they wield? The use of chiplets or much smaller chips for the creation of the GPU, the same idea as the desktop Ryzen but brought to the world of graphics cards.

Will the AMD RX 7000 be better than the NVIDIA RTX 40?

We have turned into a question an affirmation that has been coming out on the net in recent days and whose origin is the MLID YouTube channel, which is very close to AMD and is in charge of filtering the things that are happening to it from the different companies, but in general his bias tends towards Lisa Su’s company, especially when the rumors that appear are very far from the launch of the final product. NVIDIA, on the other hand, is much quieter about its future products, often saving things for its own presentations.

And what are the claims that are being talked about? MLID puts statements in the mouth of AMD engineers such as the following:

Currently, we estimate that the best NVIDIA can do (on RTX 40) is 60-80% better than Ampere (RTX 30). This is less than our estimates for the RDNA 3 cap.

MLID RX 7000 best RTX 40“If they get serious, maybe NVIDIA can get double the Ampere performance at really crazy power levels.”

The information we know at the moment is that we will have models of the RTX 4090, or whatever they decide to call them, that will take advantage of the 600 W consumption PCIe Gen 5 connector. We highly doubt AMD won’t take advantage of the new connector’s ability to achieve higher clock speeds. In any case, these rumors of the RTX 40 and the RX 7000 do not draw the complete scenario. And let’s not forget that AMD has some homework to do in two areas: having a real alternative to NVIDIA’s DLSS and catching up on its Ray Tracing performance. So saying that the RX 7000 will be better than the RTX 40 right now is propaganda.

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