AMD steps on the accelerator: release date of Zen 4 processors

Intel currently roams freely in the market for PC gaming processors. AMD cannot compete in this sector, it knows it and pushes the price down while launching new models to fill in the gaps where it was not present. A whole movement that will have a goal, to be competitive and wait for the arrival of the Zen 4 architecture and its processors. There is new news about the latter, since an important leaker has set an arrival date in an indirect way. At what point and date on the calendar will AMD let you see its Zen 4 processors?

The Intel Core 12 are not going to face competition beyond the downward price set by AMD, so the concerns after the blow dealt focus on the new red team. Zen 4 isn’t the big hope against Alder Lake, it has its sights set right ahead of it: Raptor Lake and the new Core 13s bringing it to life, but as we saw last month, is it likely that they’ll hit in time?

Goodbye to delays, Zen 4 ready for candy

And it is that according to leaker Greymon55 AMD already has everything ready together with TSMC to kick off the mass production of these new processors. In addition, it gives quite interesting dates for this event, such as April or early May, so Lisa Su’s dates are two or three months ahead of the calendar according to the latest rumors we had on the table.

But how can we possibly know the arrival date through the approximate date of mass production? Well, there are several factors that would explain this and logically we have to look at the past to understand where AMD is going to go together with TSMC.

The main objective is not to lose the train of time against Intel and its Raptor Lake, so apparently and according to rumors, AMD put pressure on TSMC with the ramp of its 5nm to be able to have the die ready on time. This is consistent with the leaks we saw at the time about this fact and apparently they were correct.

September as a key date on the horizon

If we look back we will see that Vermeer (Zen 3) entered mass production in July 2020 and was released in November of that year, that is, there was a GAP of only 4 months, but there is more. The latest from AMD with its Zen 3D and its 3D V-Cache is even more illuminating if possible, since the mass production of the 5800X3D It has been running since the end of November or the beginning of December and will be released next month, granting a GAP similar to the one described above.

Therefore, to think that the Ryzen 7000 are in a launch period of 4 to 5 months is really realistic following the trend of AMD and TSMC, so the most realistic thing is to wait for these Zen 4 processors on a date of between august and septemberprobably closer to the second than to the first.

Let us remember that the Zen 4 processors will integrate the new AM5 socket with DDR5 RAM and support for PCIe 5.0, so they will be on equal terms with Intel in this regard.

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