AMD will keep the fastest Ryzen 7000 processors for 2023

In case you were not aware of what is coming this year and in a matter of months reality surpasses fiction once again, since both Intel and AMD have insisted on arriving first and thus launching a coup before for the other to react. The problem is that AMD is going to compete with the second generation of the socket LGA1700 from Intel, that is, with an evolution of what is now present and on sale with the Core 12, so it is a disappointment that the newest of Lisa Su rivals an upgrade from Intel, which being the latest, it will not be a new architecture from scratch as such.

The Ryzen 7000 and X670 boards would be ready soon

There is a presentation date that is gaining more and more strength for AMD, and this is none other than Computex 2022, which will be held in just a month and a half, so we are really close to knowing the details of the Ryzen 7000 .

The curious fact is that even if said presentation is made on that key date, the processors will not arrive until at least the middle of the third quarter, which means that the availability will be at least 3 months since Lisa Su fires the starting gun.

Last week we already saw the first leak of an AMD chipset for this platform, the B650, where curiously we do not know anything about the X670 as such, the main supporter of the title of best option for gaming and overclocking, but at the same time it indicates that the deadlines we have mentioned are being met.

So where is the novelty as such? Well, in the fact that AMD saves the best Ryzen 7000 processors for next year and this fact has a very interesting reason: the 3D V-Cache.

Overcrowded production lines and high price

The Ryzen 7000 that will be presented in this first round will not include the 3D cache that AMD has used in the Ryzen 7 5800X3D and that has given them such good results in gaming. To the point that with a lower price of the processor, a more solid platform in time, cheaper and without spending huge amounts of money on DDR5 they have managed to match the best of Intel in games, the main objective of Lisa Su’s team in this market segment.

Therefore, and given this movement, if the production lines are going to be dedicated to Ryzen 7000 processors without this additional cache, it means that at least these CPUs are as fast as Intel’s Raptor Lake and that the new Ryzen 7000 with Zen 4 3D that will arrive in 2023 they are direct competition from Meteor Lake, also without changing platforms. A cool hit from AMD? Or do you have volume manufacturing problems with the 5nm and 3D V-Cache with TSCM?

Zen 4 Fake Logo

Let’s not forget that quarterly speaking AMD is going to increase together with its partner from 20,000 units to 50,000 units of the 5800X3Dso it is clear that the volume ramp was not the best at the beginning and they may have wanted to avoid this with the Ryzen 7000 3D and save the performance jump to face Intel while Zen 5 arrives.

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