Albabete Warrior is already a global phenomenon, do you know why?

We all know the backlash, humor and joke that Spanish studios bring when they get creative, that they resort to old formulas of humor to confront old clichés of our country and devise video games that are as crazy as they are great. And in the case of Albacete Warriorwhich had been a small phenomenon from La Mancha within PC and Steam, now take the leap towards definitive universalization.

An explosive cocktail of ideas

There is no simple way to explain what it is Albacete Warrior because if you leave the name aside, everything else is complete nonsense: our protagonist is a Ninja, named Benito, who is accompanied on his adventure by a chicken and he has a Sensei whom he knows as Paco. In other words, a whole host of creative decisions so illogical that they turn out great and to which we must add that place from which our hero departs: Albacete.

With these ingredients you will think that we are facing a game of those that become completely forgettable, but we already tell you that this is not the case. First thing because takes the form of a classic beat em up where we have to move through scenarios infested with enemies and which we must remove from the screen to dicks. But not the ones you can imagine frivolously, but the others, the ones we hit when we pick up the chicken in the game and throw it as if it were a katana or a sword.

All the scenarios are recreated in a very simple but effective 3D, while the protagonist and the enemies are sprites 2D that move as they can within Albacete Warrior. So don’t expect an AAA from him but rather an anecdote as funny as it is crazy, Manchegan and Spanish in equal parts. Because when a national studio starts creating absurd games, nobody beats us.

Albacete Warrior.

What is global now?

The adventures of Benito had been a PC exclusive until a few days ago, which arrived in December 2021, but from now on, right now, You have it available in the digital stores of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, in such a way that you can enjoy it on any current platform. This opens the doors for the success achieved on computers to be repeated on consoles, especially thanks to the typical word-of-mouth of independent releases.

Another of the great ideas of Albacete Warrior the thing is we can play it completely alone within the same game or, as in the old arcade machines of the 90s where these triumphed beat em up, with another friend at the same time, locally within the same console or PC. We only have to connect a second gamepad so that together and in holy company we can clean the scene of enemies to…

Besides, the price of this game is perfect to help developers, the guys from FAS3, because they sell it to us for 9.99 euros on consoles and also on PC, where these days it’s on sale and thanks to a 35% discount it’s only 6.33. Aren’t you even going to try it?

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