An iPhone XR at a crazy price, for less than 400 euros

Getting an iPhone for less than 400 euros is not an easy task. In fact, looking at the Apple catalog, the cheapest is the iPhone SE 2020 that starts at 459 euros, also being a device with an air more of the old way of Apple. The iPhone XR For its part, it not only has a more current design, but also has specifications that continue to make it very valid today.

It was officially stopped selling last September, but Amazon continues to offer Refurbished versions. These are not one hundred percent new, but they do bring completely new parts that have been replaced to guarantee their proper functioning. In addition to passing performance tests and on an aesthetic level, they do not have scratches or anything similar. Wow, that is more like buying a new iPhone than a second-hand one.

Bargain price for a durable iPhone

The history of the iPhone XR is curious, as it was launched in 2018 as an economic and secondary version of the generation of that year and yet it became the best selling phone the following year and has continued in the top positions until his retirement. And it is that it has specifications that make it even better than the ‘XS’ that were announced at the same time.

Starting with his battery, which today does not make it the best, but is still more than suitable to get through the day without difficulty with normal use. It can even endure somewhat more exhaustive uses thanks, among others, to the A12 Bionic chip with which it counts. This was also the first Apple processor to add a neural motor that gives it more power, even allowing new iOS functions that are not available for previous devices.

iPhone XR

All this in a device 6.1 inch with a panel that, despite being IPS, looks really good in any situation. Unless you are highly demanding in this area, you will have a great experience with it. He is also accompanied by a camera game They continue to offer excellent results in both photo and video, including Portrait Mode that has not usually been available to those who had only one rear camera.

In addition, it is predicted that it will follow, continue having updates several yearsthanks to the aforementioned A12 chip. Taking into account that the iPhone 6s will meet 7 years of updates this year, it would be strange that the ‘XR’ does not reach at least 2025 with iOS updates.

Regarding the price, which is at the end of the most interesting, you can find offers in various versionsas it is offered in different colors and storage capacities. On average they tend to be around 350 euros, which compared to Amazon’s own price usually even 100 euros discount.

iPhone XR

So, if you want a good iPhone without spending a lot of money, this ‘XR’ will do the job. In addition to having full performance guarantees, possible repairs will also be covered, despite being reconditioned. It is even a great gift from kings taking into account that there is good availability of them.

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